yoga and teaching

in almost every teaching environment i’ve been in, i’ve always had my students do yoga. i work with elementary schoolers. so why have them do yoga?

well first, it’s a way for me to connect with my students. after any length of time and discussion, they know i love yoga and go often. by sharing some of who i am as mayah, instead of as their teacher, i can connect with them a little more.

second, it’s good for them. yoga has empowered me. it’s helped me feel safe. it’s helped me heal. i want to pass those skills onto my students. deep breathing (pranayama) and movement (asanas) are beneficial to everyone, espeically children. imagine what the world would be like if we all learned to take a minute and breathe? i’ve found it to be helpful when the kids are restless or just need a mental break. it’s not a coincidence i find yoga to be the most helpful for me then. it’s the magic of yoga!

third, they really like it. after doing it as a class a few times, they want to do more. i’ve had students tell me after things like “When can we do yoga again?” “Let’s do that everyday” “Ms. Mayah my head feels better”.

for yoga with my younger students, i focus solely on breathing. mostly due to space issues (i want to ensure they’re safe- kids are naturally clumsy). also, just breathing is yoga.


For the last week, I’ve been pretty much house-ridden. My asthma has been bothering me, I didn’t have to work, so I’ve just been relaxing and focusing on healing myself. One thing I do miss though, is yoga.

this is a picture of (from left to right)- Kaitlyn (my roommate), Lauryn (Monique’s best friend and future roommate), me, and Monique (my younger sister), after we went to yoga on the 15th. After, we were talking and one of the things I said I loved most about yoga is the fact that it’s the one time I am completely in the moment. I am only focused on what’s in front of me and completely connected with my body. So I use it as an escape; from negativity, stress, etc. Yoga helps me heal and honestly, has gotten me through my first two years of college. Last month, during finals I went to yoga almost everyday and it really reduced my stress. Yoga is my hobby and one of my favorite things to do.

just a few pictures from my yoga photoshoot in March; photo credits to Blake Coleman (thanks!!!)

what’s your favorite thing about yoga? Comment below!