Today marks #21daystil21! I’m so excited, and grateful to be on my journey. This is the day the Lord has made, and let us rejoice and be glad in it. Everyday, I take time to mediate and be in my space. It’s so important to be centered and grounded before starting your day! Have a beautiful day!

day 1

December has been and always will be my favorite month of the year. In 23 days, I will be 20. To celebrate this I came up with the hashtag #24daysofmayah, where I plan on doing something special for myself every single day. These actions may be simple. Like today I went to a Gentle Yoga (Yin) class.  Also, I decided that each day I will make a blog post about something I’m grateful for, learned, etc.

So here is day one.

I am grateful for my growing connection to God. My whole life I’ve been close to God (that’s actually what mayah means), but within the last month the connection has become stronger than ever. In every aspect of my life I’ve been able to see God working. I am grateful that in my moments where I’m unsure, I can turn to God and feel comfort. To stay connected to God, I do yoga and meditation. I meditate every day and go to yoga about three times a week. After meditation and yoga I always feel so much more connected with God and at peace with my being. The tasks that I have been given in this lifetime are plentiful and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him.

how catching a cold helped me change my view

After turning nineteen and celebrating Christmas, I caught a cold. Since I have asthma, it made it a little more complicated for me. This basically just means that I stayed in the bed for three days. I left the house for the first time since Christmas today to go to dinner, and honestly I think it was good for me. I very rarely relax completely, for multiple days. Since I have been on break, I have had a couple days were I really did little to nothing. I think doing that has allowed me to understand that life  is a combination of having lot so f un, relaxing and spending time with people you love. Your health is important. That means eating healthy, being happy and stress-free, along with meditation. One thing I want to discuss is the concept of energy. Everyone has energy (which is what creates the vibe you get when you meet someone). Occasionally when you get connected with others (which can be through normal interactions), you can connect with their energy. It is important to stay inside of your energy, so that you only harvest problems that affect you (taking on others energy can take on their problems). I definitely will make sure that I preserve my positive energy and stay healthier in the future. I also am learning how to take care of myself. This is going to be really helpful for my future (and to help take care of others). Remember to take time to take care of yourself. Protect your energy. Stay positive. I wish you all healthiness, happiness and growth!

it’s almost my nineteenth birthday

In honor of my nineteenth birthday coming up, I’ve decided to do some self-evaluation and meditation. Beginning this new chapter of my life, I want to clear the old and work on being the best person possible. I’ve decided to do some meditation and start having very deep conversations with people close to me. This has really helped me evaluate my relationships. My goals for the next year include- publishing reports I’ve completed, becoming a better communicator, and being a better friend. I have realized that I’ve been holding onto things (subconsciously) that have hindered my personal relationships. It is my goal to release these things and to be better engaged in my personal life. I am very happy with the relationships I hold now, and I want to continue growing. My birthday is special to me so I’m going to do a little work on me.

decemeber 1st

It is officially my birthday month!!! In 23 days I will turn 19 years old and I honestly couldn’t be more excited! This year in celebration for my birthday I’ve decided that I will do one fun thing a day. It’s my way of treating myself. Also my plans include resting nine hours a night, taking a nap per day, and drinking/eating healthy! I’m so excited to start this month! Remember that each month symbolizes a new beginning. This is your time to shine! I have a couple blog posts planned out this month- I’m thinking easy holiday gifts and some other festive stuff! If you have anything particular you’d like for me to discuss please feel free to comment! It’s a special month and I hope you feel it too!!!