Day 18

You are on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. This means that you will make mistakes, but these are your lessons to become the person you are destined to be. With growth, comes pain and mistakes. Just remember that while others have their own opinions, in the big scheme of things they don’t matter. Believe in yourself.


Trust your heart. You have to know that everything will get better. Remember that everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay it’s not the end. Sometimes in life things happen that we aren’t prepared of. You can only control your actions and reactions. Try to communicate effectively so that you can minimize confusion. Believe and trust in the process. I do believe though, that sometimes you need to leave your heart out of certain decisions. Think about the possibilities of each outcome and decide what will make you happy. When you love people, their happiness becomes important to you. You have to remember to still but yourself first. I think that it’s perfectly fine to love yourself the most. Stay happy and true to yourself. Believe.