One thing that is extremely important, is the ability to stay dedicated. Whether that be to school, work, your relationships, your hobbies, it’s important to be dedicated. As September continues on, it’s an important to time to this as a refresher, as your recharge before winter comes. Stay dedicated to yourself. Out of all people you should be dedicated to it is yourself. You want to make sure that you are loving yourself the most. I repeat you want to make sure you are loving yourself the most! It is important because self-love is what allows you to love others (if you needed a reason to take care of yourself you have one now). You are single handily the most important person in your life. I understand that there are other people that matter to you, but if you don’t take care of yourself, your relationships become no existent. Also, make sure you communicate. Communication is important. Especially with feelings, because how you feel directly ties to your happiness, which is your first priority. You second priority is your body. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, getting enough rest, drinking enough water, and eating enough. Also, keep up with your personal appearance. It is part of your daily grooming. Plus it adds to your self-esteem if you walk out the house and think that you look nice. Make sure that you’re taking care of your body, and loving yourself the most. Stay positive.  



This past weekend, I went on my summer vacation with my family (my mom, sister, and aunt) to visit my other aunt in Chicago.  It was a fun trip, full of shopping and great finds. I mean there sales tax is ridiculously high, but what you find is worth it. When we were walking I happened to find this really cute thing on the rail, so I had to take a picture of it (it’s currently my home screen). I love it a lot. It says “keep havin a good day!!!” With a sticker that states “you are beautiful”


Shea Moisture

If you’ve ever read any of my hair blogs you can tell that I love Shea Moisture. I use their products on my hair and it’s really just all around nice. Most hair products for African-American hair (and curly hair in general) are on the more expensive side especially compared to the fact that women with straight hair get to pay $3 for conditioner and if you have curly hair a good conditioner is over $10. Which hence is why so many women with curly hair use natural products they make themselves because it’s less expensive. I often mix my own products, but I’ve never done it from scratch (that’s one of my new goals for the summer). But anyway’s I’m making this blog hoping someone will read it today, April 19th, and go to CVS and take advantage of the buy one get one free sale they are having for Shea Moisiture products. This is a great deal and I hope everyone takes advantage of it. I know I will! Stay fabulous!  (Ps. Shea Moisture favorited my tweet about it!)  


Body Image

How you view yourself is extremely important. You only get one body, so use it wisely. You have to care for your body and love it. Even if you aren’t happy with your current size, or hair length just remember that your body is perfect for you at this moment. Change happens best when you accept where you are in life, and are willing to go along with whatever changes will happen. BUT If you want to change something about your body, do it. Complaining and crying about something only get you so far. The negativity that comes with complain is not helpful. Crying releases your fears and worries, which is positive, but if all you do is cry it’s not helping you. You have to make the change in your life. Healthiness is a lifestyle, not something you do when you’re not in the mood for chocolate. Caring for your body is a part of self-love. You have to accept yourself, your soul and your body. No one can make any life changes for you. Be brave. Take care of yourself. Eventually the results will show, you’ll be happier, healthier and able to do more. It doesn’t matter how others view you. Love yourself, all of you. You need to be beautiful to yourself. Because you are beautiful, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.



I’ll be honest I’m currently struggling with my hair. I recently tried looser curls. Which basically ended up straight, so it’s straight now. I love straight hair on other people, but it’s just bland on me. I prefer my curls. I watched YouTube videos today on how to wrap your hair in a scarf (like a pashmina) and I did that. Then I was talking to one of my friends about it, and I really stopped and realized that I was hiding my hair. I went and took the scarf down, and ended up wearing my hair down with a side part and a small clip on my left side. I decided that I really need to show that I love my hair. I also sat and watched the I love my hair video from Sesame Street, which always makes me smile. Everyone should love their hair, no matter the length or texture (it still needs to be soft though). I share this story to say don’t hide yourself. Embrace your body. Love your body and your hair. The more and more you say you love your body and your hair, the more of a reality it will become. Think and say positive things, so you will get positive results. Stay beautiful.