look on the bright side

gratitude is a deliberate choice. i’ll say it again, gratitude is a deliberate choice. you get to choose how you want to view situations. you get to choose how you want to talk about situations. you may not get to choose the situation. but you get to choose how you react to it. i wokeContinue reading “look on the bright side”

maximize opportunities

our world has changed. so what do we do know? at first it can seem overwhelming to be at home, have more time to ponder and be unsure of what is going on in the world. here are some tips that i’ve used to create a smooth transition to this new life. • clean yourContinue reading “maximize opportunities”

protective styles

protective styles help your hair grow because they help you retain moisture and reduce manipulation. the biggest question is: how do i choose the right one? for me, I started with braids because I knew braids worked for my hair. as a little girl, I wore braids all the time and it grew my hairContinue reading “protective styles”

april 1st 2018

hello! i hope all is well. i’ve been taking some time out to really continue on my growing process. one thing i’ve done lately is taken time to heal. a few weeks ago, i saw a post about how people often don’t take time to heal, but just keep going. so a lot of oldContinue reading “april 1st 2018”

feb 2018 hair care routine

*drumroll* IT’S TIME FOR AN UPDATED HAIR CARE ROUTINE! Though not much has changed I just want to keep you all updated! Prepoo- Before I wash my hair I always add a generous amount of oil- normally either shea butter or avocado oil Washing- Prior to washing, I rinse my hair with warm water toContinue reading “feb 2018 hair care routine”