Sleep, eat, exercise, repeat

As the day is ending, is like to talk about health and the importance of exercising. In the spring, my family is doing this race together basically so we can all get in shape and start being more healthier together. Today we exercised as a family and it really was helpful for me. Not only is it important to have other people to be your cheerleaders but you have to be your own cheerleader. You have to believe in yourself and challenge yourself so that you can grow. For me, running this race is my challenge. It’s more than just a race for me, it represents me growing and developing while becoming healthier. Exercising and meditation really help you become more in tune with your body. It’s important to be balanced and remember that you’re important! Sleep, eat and exercise well. 



As the weather is finally starting to get cold here, it’s important to take care of your body. Not only physically but remember that you are an emotional being in a physical body so you need to take care of your spirit too! This means that you need to make sure you’re eating enough, getting enough rest, working out and meditating. These things will not only help you stay healthy but balance your whole self. You want to be at peace with yourself and your surroundings. Remember that this is all part of a large journey! Stay positive!


It is currently 13 more days until my 18th birthday. With that being said there are a lot of changes going on, not only in school but in my personal life as well. These changes are positive, but very different. So I would like to take the time to say treat yourself. Treat yourself like you’re special and that you are important. Also be open to love. So many people want to be loved, not realizing that the first love comes from yourself and from that point you are able to receive love from others. If you do not love yourself, it becomes more complicated. Remember that you are special and deserving of loving and gentle attention. You deserve to be treated the best. So treat yourself, treat yourself as if it’s your birthday. Normally when I’m off balance and feeling upset, I start to mediate and try to balance myself. One thing i started to do again was to take Flaxseed pills. These will help me balance myself out chemically (as far as hormones go). In addition to that I’m going to spend more time pampering myself and start soaking my feed in sea salt (it helps to ground you). Mediation is also really good and I try to mediate at least once a day. It’s important for me to truly feel centered. Just remember that it’s important for you to love yourself and treat you like you deserve it. Stay peaceful.


Rest, Water and Food

Those are the three most important things you need to stay physically healthy. Doctors say it’s good to drink half your body weight in water, rest 8 hours a day, and eat all the foods on the food plate (which is posted below). Your body needs these things to function properly. Recently, my sleeping pattern has been off, not to mention this past weekend I worked 14 hours. Last night I slept around 13 hours, and only woke up three times (the second time was at 1:30, and I ate a small dinner). I’m saying all of this to say, take care of your body. Sleep. Eat. Drink. I know that I normally only drink water, so I drink around 90 ounces a day (which makes up for juice and stuff). Also, mediate. Meditation is super important in order to stay grounded and stay positive. Yoga also helps with this. I find that for me, working out also helps me to balance myself. I love to excerise (yes it’s a little hard to get into, but it’s worth it). Make sure that you are at peace with yourself and your life and you will always stay healthy. Have a great day!