control your anger

traditionally, people are taught to suppress their emotions- specifically sadness and anger. this has a lot to due with the fact that the reactions to these emotions are not always positive. while I do believe that there are better ways to handle these emotions, it is important to address and express them. the emotion I want to talk about today is anger.

  • What is it

Anger is a natural emotion, that occurs normally after something happens that you’re not fond of. This could be a mean statement or just something you didn’t necessarily want to hear. It’s a natural emotion, but it’s not always expressed in the best ways.

  • How to identify it

When things make you angry, it’s easy to feel it physically. A common sign is getting hot or tonsil pain. When you start to feel physically different it is time to step back, take a breath and breathe.

  • How to deal with it

the best way to deal with anger is to think logically. recently what I’ve tried is to think about how I feel and communicate it in the best way possible. to do this, i’ve started writing out and then expressing it after I’ve had a moment to think about it. I feel like my communication has become better.


I absolutely love the picture below. I feel like in embodies what it means to love someone. Loving someone is about accepting them for who they are and wishing for their well being. In relationships, especially if you are very close with them, it is very normal to argue or be angry with the other person. The releasing of this anger is completely natural and allows you to remained balanced. In reality not expressing your anger can lead to unbalance and illness. So during these expressions of anger, you have to be careful of your words. Saying things or doing things you don’t mean are harmful to yourself and the relationship. But in reality, what I’m trying to say is when you’re mad it doesn’t mean you no longer care about them, it just simply means that your mad. So to look at this photo of this old couple who are obviously having issues, but to see that he is still taking care of her is precious. Just because you’re mad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show how much you care, in reality it’s probably the time that your actions speak the loudest. When I mentioned earlier about watching what you say, it specifically is related to the second picture, which relates to my post about mercury being in retrograde (which is what is happening right now). The link to that post is here. Just make sure your words and matching what you mean. Sometimes it can be hard to do that, but your effort is more important than anything else!

caring words