trusting God

I’m a strong believer in discernment and doing what you feel is right. But what I’ve been learning is that it is necessary not only to trust in God but to pursue the most clearest connection with God, so that all of the advice you receive is in it’s purest and clearest form. So as I continue to pray for discernment, I will continue to pray for the clearest, purest discernment, in all aspects of my life. I’ve gone through a lot of changes recently, which I will share later, but for now just remember that it is important to hear the message, but you must hear it for what it is, and follow it.

Day 20

I always talk about self-love and how self-love is the best love (because it is!). It is important to remember to be open to love. Love is all around you, but you have to be open to receiving love. Now I am referring to the positive, encouraging love that someone would desire. You have to get to the point though where you understand that love is important, for your overall health. The first step in this of course is self-love but it’s also a level of vulnerability. Remember that even if things don’t work out, there is always a lesson to be learned in every interaction. So take a chance on love. You’ll be surprised what you find!

End of Relationships

We all know that eventually at some point, a relationship can come to an end. Whether that’s after a falling out, an affair, communication issues or anything of that nature. My suggestion is to get rid of the tension. You don’t have to hate the person, and you really shouldn’t. In most relationships (friendships included) you love the other person. The hate that you have for them after the end of the relationship is just the pain you’re feeling. I think it’s silly to hate the other person, because it’s easy to be cordial, and even be friends. Sometimes it’s the easiest way to cope with the loss of the relationship, while you are on your journey to find yourself. Yes it will take work and effort afterwards to become friends after it’s “over”, but it is possible. I suggest you love yourself the most, and surround yourself with love and life. And yes that means you will be in touch with your feelings and you probably still will love the other person. Just because something comes to an end doesn’t mean you wanted it to. It just means it’s time, because that part of your life is over. It’s all in divine order and eventually it will be okay. If you would like a friendship post-relationship I suggest you communicate it. It won’t hurt to try, and know that the other person may very well have shut you out of their life. You have to be okay with all of the possibilities to every decision. Change is inevitable, so allow your relationship to grow or end as it should. Be full of love and life and you will always end up happier.

Advice: Relationships

Relationships can be the epitome of complicated. Keep in mind though, they can also be easy. You have to basically let go. Freedom and trust are pivotal. The person you are in a relationship is not under your control, they should respect you enough to know what to do and what not to do. Loyalty is really a big thing. People really have an issue with being loyal and the idea of being one just one person bothers (scares) some people. I don’t necessarily think this is an issue, as long as everyone in the relationship knows what is going on. For a long time, I feel like I was not aware of what was really going on around me. Afterwards, I had this desire to really just know what is going on, but I realized that I need to really just worry about myself. You need to find happiness, love, appreciation and respect within yourself, so that all relationships can be successful. Also just communicate. I keep saying that hoping that someone somewhere is going to read what I’m saying and it click for them. You have┬áto communicate. The only other option is just being alone. Things will get better, as you get stronger. Let your pride go. Pride ruins everything, along with ego. Remaining humble is important, it’s a value that many people have regarded as unimportant, but it fact it allows for better relationships. Watch the way you act towards yourself and others. The golden rule is treat others the way you want to be treated (I could speak on honesty is the best policy but that’s a topic for another day). Okay back to my advice on relationships. I think that anything can be easy, if you are willing to work on it. It can’t just be you though, the other person has to be just as willing. You can’t make a relationship by yourself, trust me I’ve tried it’s unsuccessful. Just give everyone the chance you’d like to have. Everyone has boundaries, so keep that in mind. Communication, along with love, patience and trust (most important happiness) make successful relationships. If it’s meant to be you won’t have to force it, just let it flow. Go with the flow.