“this election is stressing me out!”

I talked to my roommate earlier and she told me those exact words as she’s watching the polling numbers come through. As much as I want to not care, I can’t help but occasionally look at poll numbers to see who is winning. I have already put my political beliefs out there, and I stick by them. I wanted to make a post about how I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the University of Michigan Rally with President Obama yesterday, but that will have to be saved for another day. As an African-American woman, this election is important to me. This election is important to my future children and I can honestly say I’m trying hard to have faith in this country. I’m trying hard to remember that this is the country that despite the racial issues that have been exposed by Trump’s campaign, voted and elected President Barack H. Obama as 44th president of the United States. I’m trying to have faith that we will elect a woman who is passionate about children and women and who has morals. So as the results pour in, Lord please be with America. Please allow us to have the ability to understand right from wrong and to have voted for the candidate on the left who is the right candidate (lol cause liberals are seen as on the left). I thank you Lord for this in advance. Amen.



I absolutely love the picture below. I feel like in embodies what it means to love someone. Loving someone is about accepting them for who they are and wishing for their well being. In relationships, especially if you are very close with them, it is very normal to argue or be angry with the other person. The releasing of this anger is completely natural and allows you to remained balanced. In reality not expressing your anger can lead to unbalance and illness. So during these expressions of anger, you have to be careful of your words. Saying things or doing things you don’t mean are harmful to yourself and the relationship. But in reality, what I’m trying to say is when you’re mad it doesn’t mean you no longer care about them, it just simply means that your mad. So to look at this photo of this old couple who are obviously having issues, but to see that he is still taking care of her is precious. Just because you’re mad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show how much you care, in reality it’s probably the time that your actions speak the loudest. When I mentioned earlier about watching what you say, it specifically is related to the second picture, which relates to my post about mercury being in retrograde (which is what is happening right now). The link to that post is here. Just make sure your words and matching what you mean. Sometimes it can be hard to do that, but your effort is more important than anything else!

caring words

prepping for college

preparing to go to college has been one of the most time consuming processes I’ve ever encountered. from packing to making sure my scholarship is properly loaded on my account, it has been a lot of work. though I know the school year is fast approaching, I just wanted to discuss a few things you need to make sure you have done before going to college.

  1. Register as an absentee voter. I just went to register today, because since I’m going away from school (even though I’m staying in state), I might not be able to get to the polls before they close. This is a very important election year, and you need to make sure you vote. The choice for candidates has never been so opposite. One candidate advocates for social change and equality while the other one wants to divide us as a nation and “make America great again (for the wealthy white males)”. For me the choice is quite clear. So make sure you’re getting out and voting.
  2. Pack up coats. Packing clothes can be quite stressful. you want to make sure you got everything, even those one pair of boots that only look cute with those jeans, but you still need them. Since I’m staying in Michigan, I understand that I’ll need to be well prepared for the winter. My recommendation is getting a long parka, in addition to a variety of warm, rain, and light weight jackets. The weather in Michigan changes constantly, so being prepared with a variety of coats is really important.
  3. Go school supply shopping. There seems to be this thing where people on Twitter have forgotten that college students need supplies too. Make sure that you go to Target or Office Depot to get supplies (and great deals too). You’ll need a variety of things. Because remember you won’t be at home, so you might need a pencil sharpener or that three hole puncher you never used. A lot of colleges also have discounts on laptops or can ever offer grants to purchase a computer. At Michigan, their computer showcase has deals on laptop packages. I also know at Michigan State they have grants to fund purchasing a laptop.
  4. Focus on your shoe collection. Making sure you’re set for college is important. I went to get my uggs cleaned this week, so that when the winter does come I’ll be good. I know that ugg is making a new waterproof boot, which I will definitely be looking into (I already have the waterproof spray). Getting a good winter boot is important, especially if you have to walk far. Comfortable shoes are also very important. I currently have two pairs of Nike Free’s (one 4.0 and the other is 5.0). I did this because I know that I’ll be walking a lot in college and wanted to make sure I have support. I already had black ones so I bought white ones (so I’ll be able to match my shoes with my outfit). Make sure you have a variety of shoes, from heels to sandals because you never know what you may need.
  5. Make sure to groom yourself! And pack stuff to keep it up. The day before I move in I have a hair appointment scheduled so that I can make sure my hair is in the best condition possible. Making sure your hair, eyebrows and even nails (though I don’t recommend getting acrylics because it is sometimes hard to find a good salon) are done before moving is important. ¬†went hair product/tools shopping so that I will be able to still do my hair while I’m in school. Some students don’t come home until Christmas, so making sure you’re properly groomed before you leave will just make life easier.

I hope these five  tips helped and that your transition to college is easy!


new year, new look

It’s officially 2016!!! This is going to be a year of big changes, first being my blog! I changed the look and have decided to focus more on my blog and other important social topics. I plan to blog twice a week (at least) and plan to be more open with my friends and family. I want to become more open and work on my communication. Also, remember that everything that has happened thus far is for a reason and has a lesson behind it. It’s important to take everything as a learning experience and let go! May 2016 bring you happiness, joy, love and hope! Happy New Year!