Yesterday my sister and I went to the Detroit Institute of Arts for the 30 Americans exhibition. I can’t really describe what it was like but it was really informational. It was a contemporary exhibit for African Americans to express our “life” as Americans. Attached I have a few of my favorites. I like the exhibition because it just represents that a change is going to come.  There was a variety of races at the exhibition which really speaks on how everyone is becoming more open to the thought of understanding others. They had iPods that gave descriptions from either the art collectors, local teens, or the artist themself. It was great to listen to and I enjoyed learning about the piece. Please if you have the chance go check it out this weekend! It’s free for the rest of the week. 

Based off of a Tale of Two Cities- the contrast

Quote from Sojourner Truth

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Straight Outta Compton

This morning, I went with my family to go see Straight Outta Compton. It was a great movie, so I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. The story plot surrounded the group NWA, from their journey from Compton, CA to becoming national rap stars. The movie depicted the police brutality that was happening, even discussing the beating of Rodney King in 1991. The things the movie mentioned were real though, about how minorities are mistreated by the police, which is highly prevalent in today’s society. It’s crazy to see how history is repeating itself. But anyways back to the movie. There was controversy surrounding the movie, due to the police brutality. It was put on the news about how police were fearful of the release and how security would be increased. While I do understand how the movie could influence anger (because when you see the recording of Rodney King getting beaten, it’s natural to get angry), but I don’t think it was necessary to feel threatened. If you want my honest opinion there is fear from the police because they know that they are wrong for abusing their power, but I won’t get started on that because I could go on for days about the issues with society and how they started with the central idea that Africans (and African-Americans), were not people. I suggest you go see the movie if you haven’t and definitely listen to the soundtrack. Stay woke. 


WikiHow: How to Be Proud to be Black

I always am googling hair tips to help my hair process. I’m transitioning to be natural majority of the time, so I turn to google to try to find products and tips for my hair to grow. So I was looking up tips for how to grow my hair out and I scroll down and look at the suggested pages and I see “How to Be Proud to be Black”. In the back of my head I’m thinking “What in the world? Why wouldn’t you want to be Black?” But then I remember that not everyone is happy with themselves, so I look at it. I think that the post was actually more to help people become more comfortable with themselves than I expected. I thought that it would be more negative, but it really forces thouse who are uncomfortable with themselves to reevulate why they are uncomfortable and leads them to be more positive about their nationality. It was all in all a good article. Stay positive and stay comfortable with yourself. 


Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a big holiday to celebrate males in society for being fathers. The true definition of a father is a male parent, or a man who fulfills that role. In our life journeys, there are people that are placed and taken out of our lives, for reasons that aren’t present for us. Specifically I’m talking about dads who aren’t in their children’s lives. I’m mentioning this because I’m seeing a lot of bitter posts on social media almost bragging that they have a father in their live, or people neglecting the holiday because there father is not present. I even saw stuff about how you should still praise your father even if he walked out on you. To me, all of this seems silly. You one shouldn’t be bragging on having a father, because it’s something you should be humble and grateful for. Second, it’s still a holiday and you should respect it, even if you’re not celebrating it. Third, just be grateful for the life you live and realize everything happens for a reason. As life goes along, you will be able to find out what you want in life. Take this day as it is. Stay positive. 

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This is not my typical blog post, but I just saw the picture below and it sparked my interest. I saw it and I really started thinking about society and how everything works. Women in society have been degraded for generations, from the beginning of time. For goodness gracious, Eve is blamed for taking the temptation and “making” Adam do the same, in the Bible! Women are used as sexual objects and prizes for men, and it’s unacceptable. What I’ve never seemed to understand is how men degraded “their” woman. It’s mind boggling. Women are gifts, and should be treated as such. When I first read this, I started thinking about how true it is. And how men are viewed as “players” when they are able to maintain relations (sexual and non-sexual) with multiple women at one time, but if a women does the same she’s labelled as a whore. By definition a whore is a prostitute, someone who is selling their body for sex and is able to be male and female (people often forget that part too). The whole idea that one are objects not only reflects the bigotry of the patriarchical society. I’m saying all of this to say, that it’s time for a change. The change has been stimulating for a long time, but it’s finally time for an enlightenment, a second revolution (the first gave women rights). This second revolution will even the wages for women (don’t even get me started on that) and allow us to receive the respect we so rightfully deserve. Another thing about respect is that it shouldn’t be an option. I’ve never viewed it as an option, because I will be respected. In turn, I will respect you, as a person and your opinion (and I will respectfully voice mine). Women especially have to have self-respect, due to the society present today. Men have been indirectly taught by their fathers and other males that females don’t deserve respect and are objects. Women learn that they have to respect themselves to not be taken advantage of (funny right? Women are taught to act differently so that men treat them the way they should be treated). Women are taught that virginity means everything and to males it means nothing, and that you should lose it as fast as possible. The views that society has painted are not only crazy but unrealistic. But back to the picture, I like the picture because it not only makes you think but you can really understand how realistic it is. Everyone knows that guys brag about sex, so much so many young ladies are scared to lose their virginity due to fear of humiliation or being “exposed”. It’s just crazy to me, and then people react to it and say “well she shouldn’t have been doing that”. Maybe, but he doesn’t have been doing that either. So next time someone says a sexist remark like that, call them out on it. Fight the (wo)man who is holding you down! Also, one thing I hate is dress codes. I’m talking about not allowing women to wear shorts or tank tops because it’s “distracting”. I had this big argument on the last week of junior year with my art class because they were sending girls out for wearing crop tops! I was outraged because it’s so sexist. First off it’s their body, and they should be allowed to dress it however they please. Also, I am seventeen years old, and if you are sexualizing me YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. That’s what people don’t get, at school you should feel safe and comfortable, not afraid of being sexualized. I blame the parents and society. You should have been taught to respect, but it’s never too late to learn. Treat others the way you want to be treated! Stay respectful!