how to invest, pt. 2

investing is a lifestyle. investing takes time, intention and money.

in my last blog post about investing, i talked about ways that we can invest within our professions. this means that you are dismantling systemic oppressive systems at your job. many people subscribe to the thought that the only way to change the system, is to be the system. and while i believe that, being passive within an oppressive system helps no one. you must enter the system and actively work to be anti-racist. actively work to engage in change. actively work to seek out others who are about the movement.

but it’s also with our dollars. we need to be supporting black owned businesses, which is a way to support black people as individually and collectively. start asking yourself- who owns this? from what i’ve seen, most things are run by white men. where is your money going? are the passionate about the movement? what are they doing to be anti-racist? your dollar has value. use it to your advantages.

here are some resources about how to support:

support black businesses

sweet savage index

yoga green book (black owned yoga studios and black yoga teachers)

black.owned.everything (on instagram)

how do we recenter?

as a yoga teacher-in-training, i would have to tell you meditation. to take time with yourself and become one with the Universe. meditation refers to the practice of stillness of the body and the mind. this can be sitting quietly and focusing on the flame of a candle (and releasing stress) or just breathing.

as a teacher, i would tell you to plan. get a planner. i recently got a passion planner and it has a bunch of resources on how to plan, they even have free calendars on their site available for download!

once you have figured out how you want to tribute to the greater good of our society, you have to have a plan. ask the Universe for guidance. allow yourself to be guided so that you can complete your task.

how do we repost?

well this one is pretty self explainatory- you screenshot, you retweet, you create content for reposting.

what should i be reposting? anything that helps the movement- information on current events, mistakes in information, resources and history.

try your best to ensure that information is accurate so that you are passing along good information. view material from a critical perspective- who is writing this, who is their audience, what’s the goal of this piece and what is it telling me? by using the 5 W’s and H (who, what, when, where, why and how), you can critically analyze any piece.

this amazing book is a great resource that discusses mindset shifts and how to create a life you want to live. her positive affirmations and mindset can be used to shift your mind to focus on what you can contribute to help the issue.

how do we invest?

investing can manifest in many different ways. we look at our local community and figure out what it needs.

what need do you want to fill?

for me, i saw that education was a need. that we needed more strong black educators to teach our youth the real history. to love them. to invest in them.

so i keep going and am getting my masters to teach.

now i’m not saying go and be a teacher. but i’m saying use your passions to invest in the community. what is your career doing to better the lives of others?

if you can’t answer that, think of other things you could do. volunteering is important. running non-profits is important. find a way to serve and invest in it.

invest in the community. it’s ours to take care of.

how do we plan?

first, you figure out what you need.

how much sleep do you need? food? water? alone time? social time?

figure out what you need to keep going. one of the biggest thing for me, like i said in the last post is yoga. it relieves stress and grounds me. i know that i need sleep too.

most of all, i know i need like minded people to talk to. i need to think things out.

i need to find research and documentaries that valid/reflect my feelings. i find it inspirational

so think about what you need?

therapy? will help you locate a therapist in your area that is black. it can often be helpful to turn inward to our community during this time.

sleep? try lavendar oil on your pillow. take a sea salt soak. or an epsom salt bath. this activities help relieve stress and will help you sleep

research? this gets a little more complicated. as an educator, i have turned to data bases such as ERIC, but i am unfamiliar with many other historical databases. but google could help with that.