June 2nd

Love the skin you’re in. The best way to achieve this is to be comfortable. Though everyone has body insecurities one way to avoid them is by wearing cute clothes. The right hairstyle, outfit and makeup (or none if you choose) allows you to feel confident. You want to know that you are the best version of yourself. In order to really take care of yourself you have to take care of your body. So dress up or dress down. Do what makes you feel beautiful!

june 1st

For June I decided hat I would do a self care tip everyday. I’m very big into self care which is a huge component of self love. The tip for today is sleep enough. Most people need 8 hours of sleep. You have to make sure that you’re managing your time so you can go to bed and energized in the morning. I also suggest an early morning meditation. Meditation relaxes you and really allows you to become one with yourself and the Earth. The goal is to be centered within love. All this starts with a good nights sleep. So treat yourself. Go to bed early or sleep in. You deserve rest and to be the best you can be! ❤️