june 7th

It is often forgotten that your environment affects how you feel. Not only how you feel physically (for instance if a room is cluttered you might start to feel claustrophobic), but emotionally. If a room is clean you feel mellow and relaxed. So take the time to take care of your living space. If you space is clean, you will feel better and happier. In addition to that, make sure you’re having you’re alone time. Alone time is good for meditation and contemplation. You have to learn how to be your own friend. Recently I’ve really started to become my own friend, because I’m having an increased about of alone time. It’s very relaxing and I’ve actually done a lot of cleaning. Cleaning has always been something that has made me feel better. When my room and house are clean, I feel on top of the world. Find what makes you feel on top of the world and make that a habit for you! You deserve to feel on top of the world all the time.

june 6th

An important part of self care is resting. Your body needs to be cared for. You need to make sure that you’re sleeping properly and eating right. You deserve to be loved by yourself. In addition to that, make sure you deserve to eat quality food. They saying you are what you eat is true. If you’re feeding your body healthy stuff. The food I eat is mostly organic, because I believe that quality food will keep my body healthy and energized. I have found this to be true. Just remember to rest and take care of you, in all aspects. 

june 5th

I missed the fourth but it’s okay. Today is the fifth and I would like to reflect on life. I know the theme for this month is self care, in relation to self love but reflection is important. Today I went to my best friend’s (of ten years) high school graduation. I graduate from high school next week and with this in mind I am really thinking about life. Part of taking care of yourself is accepting the past and your mistakes. While doing this, you must move forward. Take a moment to accept yourself for the person you are. Look back at your life and realize that all is (or will be well). You’re growing and changing. Love yourself every step of the way.

june 3rd

Taking care of your body is taking care of you. Many people overlook their hair. Your hair is a part of you. It should be taken care of just as you take care of other parts of your body. Tonight I did my bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment, which leaves my hair bouncy and soft. It’s important to take care of your hair because one it’s taking care of you and two it greatly affects your confidence. You want to be confident and great looking, well taken care of hair is the way to start. Everyone has different hair types and favorite styles but well moisturized hair is something everyone should have in common. Take some time to take care of your hair. You deserve it!