committing to a relationship with yourself

According to my favorite author, bell hooks, self love cannot flourish in isolation. Self love is taking care of yourself and monitoring your interactions with others os they support your greatest and highest good. While sometimes you might need alone time, isolating yourself completely is not healthy. But what is is making time for you. I have committed to a lifestyle of loving and healing myself. I’ve decided to do so through yoga, meditation, contemplation and much needed alone time. I made excuses on why I couldn’t do certain things or that these things were not necessary, but they were. Yoga is necessary. Sleep is necessary. Healing is necessary. I have been really sad for about a month and a half. And to be honest, I’m ready to fully heal. While I know time allows for healing, you have to put in the work. And for me, that work is yoga. That work is saying no I cannot go to this. That work is taking care of me before anyone else and deciding where my limits are. Because I got this.


And you do too. happy healing.

how i’m learning to love myself

Learning to love myself, and putting myself first, is a journey I have been on for a while. While I don’t know how to describe this journey, i want to give some tips i’ve done.


  • Take time to learn your likes- I’m really excited to get to know more of what I like and don’t like. I’m learning a lot of this from self reflection of my relationships with other people. There are various aspects of different relationships that i like a lot and would like to manifest in my life.
  • Try new things- i’ve recently decided to work on making my outside match my inside. that means dressing the way i want to dress. but also doing actions that reflect the love i want to give. This means being empathetic towards myself and others.
  • Being more open- this is something i’ve decided to start doing more. i want to be my authentic self. we often are afraid of the reactions of others with our thoughts. but i’m sure if if we speak from a place of love, our intention will always come through.

the process of healing

I’ve always viewed healing as a very introspective. But as I work on healing myself, I wanted to share some tips that I’ve found very helpful.

  • Understanding that healing is a process, not a competition

Often I compete with myself- to be the best version of myself, to finish the fastest I can. But healing is not like that. Healing, has good days, and harder days, but both are necessary to truly heal. So take time with this.

  • Do things you enjoy

Often when I feel sad, I don’t want to do really anything. But I’ve realized that doing things I enjoy help me to heal. For example, treat yourself to dinner or enjoy some quality alone time. Tonight, I’m going to wash my hair, do a protein treatment, deep condition and braid it. Doing my hair is always a stress reliever and makes me feel beautiful.

  • Take care of your body

Making sure you eat and sleep is essential to healing. You are one being- emotional and physical well-being go together. So take care of ALL of you.

Just remember to take it easy. You got this, and all will be well.


hello! i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted, but i wanted to make sure i do a special post for the new year. my new year started a week ago, when i turned 20 years old and i’m excited to see what 20 and 2018 will bring me. what i’ve noticed is that i wasn’t taking very good care of my spiritual self.  i wasn’t meditating or doing yoga like i should’ve been and overall i just felt like i was in a funk. i realized i never turn to reiki for help. it’s not purposeful, i think about it but i never ask my mom. so we were talking and the day after I asked her to do it for me. for those of you that do not know what reiki is, i can’t really explain it well but i’ll take you all through the process. we scheduled an appt for 3:15, in my room. she has her own massage table with a heated mattress pad. reiki basically is an energy shifting/clearing process. so she first does reiki on the room, before my appt. then i come in at my appt time. i lay on the table and she started her process. i always fall asleep (btw you’re fully clothed during reiki unlike a massage where you aren’t). afterwards, I felt so much better and have felt better since. I want to make sure that I continue scheduling appts with my mom. As my mom always says “try it, reiki can only help you”. Feel free to check out her blog here


june 15th

today I’m going to post about two things that are important to me that just happened. On Sunday I graduated from high school. I graduated forth in my class, with a 4.13 cumulative and over 200,000 in scholarships. I decorated my cap and it was education themed because I want to be a teacher! I’m really proud of myself and have been celebrating myself this whole weekend. As part of my graduation gift, my dad took me to go see Beyoncé’s concert. I am a huge Beyoncé fan and enjoyed the concert a lot. My message for today is to treat yourself. Allow yourself to have fun and celebrate you. Whether that’s going to be going out or just doing something cute (like with your hair, outfits etc). Celebrate you! 

(I was so close to Beyoncé!)

(my grandparents and me) 

(I am about to change the world one student at a time!)