committing to a relationship with yourself

According to my favorite author, bell hooks, self love cannot flourish in isolation. Self love is taking care of yourself and monitoring your interactions with others os they support your greatest and highest good. While sometimes you might need alone time, isolating yourself completely is not healthy. But what is is making time for you.Continue reading “committing to a relationship with yourself”

how i’m learning to love myself

Learning to love myself, and putting myself first, is a journey I have been on for a while. While I don’t know how to describe this journey, i want to give some tips i’ve done.   Take time to learn your likes- I’m really excited to get to know more of what I like andContinue reading “how i’m learning to love myself”

the process of healing

I’ve always viewed healing as a very introspective. But as I work on healing myself, I wanted to share some tips that I’ve found very helpful. Understanding that healing is a process, not a competition Often I compete with myself- to be the best version of myself, to finish the fastest I can. But healingContinue reading “the process of healing”

june 15th

today I’m going to post about two things that are important to me that just happened. On Sunday I graduated from high school. I graduated forth in my class, with a 4.13 cumulative and over 200,000 in scholarships. I decorated my cap and it was education themed because I want to be a teacher! I’mContinue reading “june 15th”