the way you view the world is through your own eyes. as you age, you are taught to try to view the world from other perspectives, or through the eyes of others. sometimes, depending on the situation, it may be difficult, but with practice I believe it get easier. today i’d like to discuss myContinue reading “perspective”

living your life

Social media, along with society in general has taught us to compare our lives to others. That one definition of a relationship should be applied to all, and that if you stray away you’re being silly. I don’t believe that to be true. I believe that you should live your life the way you want.Continue reading “living your life”

why you need to stop posting that you’re looking for love

Obsessing over having a serious (possibly monogamous) relationship is not healthy. I see it all too often on social media, from both men and women. It’s a problem. And I’ll explain to you why. Being in a serious, healthy, loving relationship is a lot of work. Relationships take time, respect and love. Obsessing over whyContinue reading “why you need to stop posting that you’re looking for love”

importance of honesty

“the truth will set you free”. I really believe this to be true. Honesty is always something that is necessary to have any type of relationship. I believe that if you are honest, it displays that you’re more serious about the relationship (even if it’s just a friendship). Being able to communicate openly and honestlyContinue reading “importance of honesty”