So after working for about a month to get my nails back to health post acrylics, they are finally showing progress. My nails are getting stronger and the chipping is slowing down. They are currently really short right now, but that is because they are always breaking. So I have decided to keep them shorter and rounded (it helps so they don’t snag on things). They are growing back pretty nice like I said, but it is still kind of sad that I had so much damage. I’m doing a lot to my nails, using a lot of strengthener nail polish and keeping my hands (and nails) well oiled. Oil is really good for your nails too! Just remember that acrylics may look nice but the damage is not worth it!


So as I promised here is my review on my acrylic nails! I loved them. Not only were they extremely easy to take care of, but they were beautiful. I liked being able to go get my nails done (which I suppose I can anytime but I normally don’t). Overall it was a positive experience. I took my nails off after about three weeks, mostly to see how my nails were. I have struggled with keeping my nails healthy, so it was a concern. I should’ve went to the salon and had them take them off for me. The process was very lengthy and overall damaged my nails. It’s only because I had to soak my nails in acetone. So fast forward a couple weeks until now. My nails still have a little splitting at the top and I’ve just rounded them off. I did that so that my edges won’t snag as much (plus it gives my nails a new look!). With a lot of buffing, filing and care they seem to be getting back to normal. I’ve been using my Diamond Strength hardener by Sally Hansen. I love it mostly because it lasts on my nails almost all week! I bought it a while back at Ulta and it was relatively inexpensive compared to most hardeners. Overall though I would recommend getting an acrylic and would do it again. It takes less wokr than doing them at home but make sure to save yourself some type and get your nails taken off at the salon!


A popular nail style is a full set acrylic. Most of my friends have them or have had them so I decided to try it out. The first picture is of my nails right after I got them done. It was an interesting process with the fake nails and glue, but it was very short (it only took about an hour) and pretty inexpensive ($20 starting price). The color lasted for almost two weeks and that’s even with a lot of cleaning without gloves (which I will be investing in). The second picture is after a fill in. That’s just a basic process where they remove the nail polish and add more glue. That again was quick (half an hour) and inexpensive ($14). After this blue wears off (which I love and just got on Saturday), I will be soaking them off just to see how my nail health is. I’ll keep you posted!


After doing some reading, I found out that my nails are damaged due to the use of acetone (frequently). I used to paint my nails like every three days, and I’ve currently stopped. I’m currently trying out a combination of VitaSurge and Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen. I started the VitaSurge last Saturday and the Hard as Nails Friday. The progress isn’t really showing, but I feel better with the glossy nail look (even though I miss my plain nails a little, I got used to them). I love doing nails ( to the point where people are like “Mayah you should do my nails!”). I think that it’s important to focus on your nail health though. Your nails are a part of your body too. Pamper yourself, and decide that you are worth looking how you aspire to look. Take care of your body, physically and emotionally. A simple two coats (and a top coat) of your favorite color nail polish can brighten your mood. Remember that you control your happiness. Start by taking care of you.