i listened to a podcast today and it was talking about embracing solittitude and how the biggest thing is that prior to quarantine, there was so much time and space that would be filled. and for the first time, i’ve really been learning to try to fill it with myself. when the pandemic first hit,Continue reading “solitude”

just a lil sunshine

while the big storm rolled past, destroying all of what was left, a month ago, the gap in my chest was overwhelming. i was scared. tired. anxious and honestly confused. after the storm hit, things settled. it still consistenly rained. there was little sun, mostly partly cloudy. thrice, since the big storm has hit, i’veContinue reading “just a lil sunshine”

healing “too” fast

cues “too fast” by sonder. a couple weeks ago, i endured a heart breaking loss, of my best friend. my favorite person. for about a week, i was confused, in shock and slightly in denial. for this week, it’s been mostly about accepting reality and trying to be more present. so i’ve been doing aContinue reading “healing “too” fast”

today, i bought shea butter for the first time

today, i bought shea butter for the first time. i’ve been using shea butter, almost daily, for years now, yet i’ve never bought it for myself. when i first was introduced, my sister’s boyfriend had bought me some. that lasted me for a very long time. then my sister bought me some. and most recently,Continue reading “today, i bought shea butter for the first time”