Day 19

Throughout your life you are only given one body. This body of course develops and may be changed over time. It’s important to take care of your body. That’s one of the reasons I gave  up sugar for Lent, because it’s part of my transition to eating the healthiest I can (while still eating beef and chicken). It’s a simple step in the right direction. I’ve decided to start working out more (I’m scheduled to run a 5K in May). It’s going to help me become the healthiest version of myself (and get ready for prom). When talking about health it’s important to also mention mental and emotional health. I try to stay stress-free and one of the ways I manage my stress is through meditation, cleaning and writing. You have to find healthy ways that make you feel better about yourself. It’s also important to surround yourself with people that want you to succeed and will help guide you along your path (and those that you can help guide). You are not alone on your journey. Remember that.


Just an Update

As you may have noticed, my days for the month of positivity do not correspond with the actual date. My goal is always to blog, but most of the time I just end up thinking out a whole post and never posting it. So please bear with me! This last week I promise to be more on top of it!

Day 18

You are on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. This means that you will make mistakes, but these are your lessons to become the person you are destined to be. With growth, comes pain and mistakes. Just remember that while others have their own opinions, in the big scheme of things they don’t matter. Believe in yourself.

Day 17

So all of my posts for this month have really been about taking care of yourself, meditating and being the best version of yourself. Today’s post is going to be different. Make the most of today. Understand that you are on a journey not only to discover yourself, but your purpose and to meet individuals that will teach you a lesson. Just because you aren’t were you desire to be doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your little victories. Try to understand where you are and what lessons you need to learn to get to the next level. You are great. Celebrate the little victories, after all that’s what makes success.


Day 16

You have to love yourself! You can be the best version of yourself. For me, this week has been focused on rest and meditation. My school is on mid-winter break, and I am taking the opportunity to take care of myself. I’ve been sleeping more and taking the time every day to meditate. I even did my nails (stay posted for my acrylic review). You have to realize that you are worth taking care of. That is the first step to having any sort of healthy relationship. You have to love yourself the most. Take time to take care of you.