Day 24

Time changes you. It allows you to grow and understand that you are a spiritual being in a body, not a body trying to have a spiritual experience. Life is bigger than just you and you have to understand that. People are placed in your life to allow development to happen. Allow yourself the space to learn, while trusting in others around you (yes people can be trusted!). It’s all just learning. Stay positive.


Day 23

You deserve to be treated with respect and grow in your own space. But you also deserve self love and love from others. The picture below depicts a man and a women, nuturing each other’s flowers. It’s a give and take situation, representing the healthy balance in relationships. You have to give and take, because you deserve the space to do both. You are a great person and you have to understand that love is all around you. You just have to start loving yourself and look within and find that you can do this! Love will find you if you are open. But also ask for truth and guidance, so you’ll be able to deal with everything that’s on your path. It’s all in divine order. Just trust in the process.  


Day 22

I just wanted to have a moment and celebrate your success! You’ve made it through this year and are continuously growing. You are on your way to becoming the best you possible. Keep it up! You are capable of so much. Just remember that you’re on a journey and be nice to yourself. You’re a person you make mistakes and you overcome them! You’re great!   

Day 21

The picture attached is from one of my favorite school books, “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. I think this goes along with my post. You have to understand that everyone has a different path and that you are put in situations with others to learn. Life is honestly just a learning experience, you are tested then you learn. You have to understand that you’re on the way to becoming the best version of you. I know I reiterate that a lot, but it’s just because you need to understand that you’re on a journey. Though you don’t know where life will take you, it’s time to be open. You deserve to have happiness come to you. You deserve to have love come to you. You just have to be open!


Day 20

I always talk about self-love and how self-love is the best love (because it is!). It is important to remember to be open to love. Love is all around you, but you have to be open to receiving love. Now I am referring to the positive, encouraging love that someone would desire. You have to get to the point though where you understand that love is important, for your overall health. The first step in this of course is self-love but it’s also a level of vulnerability. Remember that even if things don’t work out, there is always a lesson to be learned in every interaction. So take a chance on love. You’ll be surprised what you find!