Day 29

Cheers to leap day! For those of you that don’t know leap day is only once every four years because technically the Earth has a full rotation every 365 1/4 days, so every four years we add February 29th to keep the calendar moving! Today also marks the end of Black History month. That’s today’s topic. I am a firm supporter of Black History month and love learning about my history, I just wish the explortation (and the study of the exploitation) of African-American accomplishments was celebrated all year, instead of just the shortest month of year. But I digress. I love celebrating my history and I love all parts of myself (especially my racial identity). It’s part of self-love really. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate Black culture-without appropriating it of course, but that’s a topic for another day. Happy Black History Month everyone! 💋 


Day 28

Treat yourself! Remember that you deserve a little pampering! Whether that means doing a cute hairstyle or painting your nails (which I just did), you deserve it. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin, so make sure that you are doing things to get yourself to that point, but also taking care of business. Life is about balance and love- loving yourself and others. Self-love is always the best and most important love though. This has really been the theme for February and my blog in general, because honestly it’s so important. You have to take care of yourself and understand that you deserve it. You deserve whatever you want and I pray you find it! You’re on a journey. You’re human. You’ll make mistakes and you’ll learn. All is well.

Day 27

Growth is an important part of life. You are developing into a better you. So that growth may not be physical but emotional. Mock elections at my school are coming up, and one of the categories is class come up- referring to people who changed for the better over our time in high school. A lot of people look at physical characteristics as a “come-up” but honestly to me it’s more than that. I look at who has developed emotionally also into a better person and that’s who I made my vote for. Growing up is more than just looks, it’s everything that makes you the person you are. Your goal should be growth in all aspects of your life, not just looks. Take the time to become the best you you can be!

Day 26

Emotional balance is always important. Life is really a juggling act- you have to learn how to balance everything that matters. But it is always important to put yourself first. You cannot take care of others effectively without cherishing yourself! Now don’t get me wrong it is important to be of service to others and be active in your life, but the first person you have to take care of is you! You deserve to be treated the best, and no one can treat you better than you can. You understand your desires and needs better than anyone else. You’re special! Always know that.


Day 25

Your health is really all you have. Though you may have alot of other things, without your health you won’t live your life to the fullest. I am currently beginning my training for a 5K, so my health is really important. When doing things out of your normal routine, like working out, it’s important to really care for your body. You deserve to live your life to the fullest. Make sure that you are the main one allowing you to be the best you! Your health- physical, mental, spiritual and emotional- always comes first! Take care of yourself!