So recently I did a really large makeup haul (I’ll do a review on the products later) and have been trying out different looks (a couple which are featured). I like to have my makeup look more natural, mostly because I’m just experimenting at this point. My goal was to build a pretty large makeup collection before I leave for college so that whenever I want to wear makeup, I will be able to wear it (and have it be really cute). I’ve learned a lot of tips from YouTube and just blogs in general. The lady who did my makeup for prom teaches classes on how to do makeup, so I plan on taking one before I leave, so I’ll not only know how to do my makeup but how to take care of my skin. I have a couple YouTube channel’s I have been checking out. One of them is Cameron Lelia’s. She attends the high school that I graduated from, so I’ve been able to see her makeup in person. Being able to see her makeup in person has let me know that I really love how she does her makeup. She’s pretty new to YouTube, so make sure you check out her page! Remember that makeup is supposed to make you feel as beautiful as you truly are. It is supposed to enhance your features and allow you to gain confidence. Remember that you’re beautiful just the way you are!



nye 2015

New Year’s Eve I did a look that was a little bit simpler but perfect for the holiday. For the day time I went with a lighter look, with a pink Matte lip (Nars) and stud earrings (Pandora). I did my normal routine but this time I did my own eyebrows for the first time. I have faith that as I keep trying they’ll get better! For the night time look I used a red lip and then put it hoops instead. For my hair I did two French braids in the front with the rest of my hair in a French braid. Even though this was my look for NYE it could be used for just a night out! 




So for Christmas my mother got me a lot of things to help me do my makeup-brushes, eyeshadows, et cetera. Last week I decided to try it it, just to see what I could do with it. I’ve never filled in my eyebrows before so I asked my younger sister to do those.  I got almost everything at Sephora (I signed up for a beauty card and since my birthday had just passed I got a two free lipsticks)! I love the Nars tinted moisturizer- mostly because it doesn’t look like I have much of anything on. It’s very natural. The matte lipsticks by Nars are very easy to go on and do not dry out your lips like the Mac mattes often do. Stay fabulous!