I believe it is important to accept everyone. Not everyone is going to agree with how you view the world and you are to respect that. Life is so much better with an open mind. But everyone has their own lessons, so I am no one to judge. I just try to keep an open mind and remember that everyone deserves to be treated with love. Love is vital. You are trying to figure out who you really are. There is no need for someone to try to attack you. If someone does act disrespectfully towards you, I suggest you act respectfully. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Also be careful of what you say and you never know what effect you will have on someone else. Everyone acts like words don’t hurt, but they do. Communication is important in all types of relationships. You really don’t know much about how you view things due to lack of experiences. While some teens have many experiences, some have little to none. You never know what someone has going on or been through, so don’t judge. Be open to love and love others. It’s important for everyone to feel like they have a friend. I ask that everyday you are nice to at least one person. It really makes you feel good. A couple days ago, one of the secretaries at my school told me I had to go back to class to bring joy to people’s lives. I’ve decided that will be my mission. Being happy, acting happy and treating others happily are all part of achieving true happiness. Bring joy to someone. Make their day.



Every relationship needs space. Space is healthy and really just allows you to think about yourself. I don’t mean that in vain, it’s positive. You have to allow yourself alone time to think. Light thinking of course, such as thinking about what you’d like the relationship to become. Over-thinking can be toxic to any relationship you have. Remember to trust, love and have patience in all relationships. You have to take time to see if you are happy alone. Be honest with yourself. Yes, of course, the other person will cross your mind, so prepare for that. You should really take the time to soul search. See if you would like to continue the relationship. Many have suggested that when you take a break, you have to announce it. Unexpected breaks allow you to see how the person really feels though. You can see if they will make attempts to contact you. Expected breaks can also allow for formations of new relationships, so if you are okay with that go ahead with the break. Be considerate of everyone else’s feelings also. You cannot just decide to no longer care about their feelings, even if they don’t care about yours. Being the bigger person is not always easy but in the end it’s the better path. Do not seek revenge. Revenge and jealousy are ugly, negative and nasty emotions. Be happy with your new place in life and wish the other person the best. I suggest you think about happiness. You should want the other person to be happy, as much as possible. Just like you want them to think about your happiness. So you should acknowledge that if they are not happy with you, they could be happier with someone else. Allow them to move on, it’s always for the best. If it is meant to be it will happen. Keep in mind that you deserve the best as does your other. Be considerate and kind, it will get you farther in life than you’ll ever imagine.



Occasionally things happen that you do not appreciate. Keep in mind that you are on a path. Let’s take a moment to talk about relationships. All relationships take compromises, love, trust and patience. You need to remember that both of you are to be happy a vast majority of the time. I say majority because it is unrealistic to be happy all of the time. Due to the fact that we are all on separate paths and have lessons to learn. Some lessons are harder than others, but remember that all is well and in divine order. I challenge you to open your heart and your mind. Clear your aura, release the old and accept the new. It will all be okay. Remember that there are different ways to do something. In addition to that, stay honest. Honest with yourself, with everyone at all times it will make you happy more often than not. Do not let anyone control your emotions or your happiness. This doesn’t mean that people will not try to control you, they will, but remember not to stoop down to their level. You are positive, beautiful, loving, willing to be loved, open and accepting. Allow your energy to stay positive, so that you will stay above their low energy level. Live your life full of happiness and love. Be happy. Love is all around you and in your heart.



We are not totally in control of our destinies. There are some things that are meant to happen and they will. As I talked about in my last blog, I hope you all are letting go and seeing the truth in your relationships. Remember that you do not have to always play the “leader” in your relationship, sometimes it is a mind opening experience to follow. But onto today’s subject, trust in the process. You have to call the truth to yourself, and command honesty. I expect everyone to be honest with me, but I know that is unrealistic. Go with your gut feeling because you will know when someone’s lying to you. Sometimes things happen because you are to learn a lesson. For example, I used to be really close to one of my peers. I talked to her about lots of different things and she knew a lot about me. But the young lady and I are no longer friends, because she doesn’t know how to keep my business private. I have no hard feelings for her, because years ago I was in her place. I just learned early on that I could not tell other’s business, for it is extremely impolite. You have to learn the lesson, and move on. The saying “People are in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.” is true. Recall what I said about coincidences, that they are unrealistic and an illusion of our imaginations. You can learn something from every relationship if you are open to receiving the knowledge. I suggest that you are open to the knowledge, so you can learn it the first time. If you don’t learn it the first time trust me you will, do-overs are extremely real. In addition to knowing that, remember to stay hopeful. Call forth positive energy and positive people towards you. Negative people will enter your life and you are to remove them. Sometimes that will mean blocking them, physically or just on your phone. In order to go the distance sometimes you have to stop and take a break, you can’t do everything at once. Look for signs that you are on the right path. Pray. Believe. You are guided, trust me. Change is positive and necessary.


Think Different

What is a title? Pertaining to a relationship, it’s a symbol. The symbol is to “describe expectations and how you communicate”. Society has decided that we are to label each and every relationship, even friendships. For example, a best friend is better than just being a friend with someone. The word best has a lot of meaning in the phrase, to the point where I was referred to as a “friend” by one of my closest friends (I’ve been friends with her almost nine years), and I was offended. The whole idea of being offended is ridiculous, because I know how close we are and how our relationship functions. It’s the fact that I felt I deserved a higher title (a title which I have by the way). Looking back at the moment I feel silly. Everyone has decided that the title is so important that every relationship we have needs one. I challenge you to go without the title. I want you to really see how your relationship functions, if you remove the desire for a title that society has placed upon us. Every relationship is different so embrace the differences and allow yourself to enjoy your relationship. See what happens when you allow your counterpart to take over. Look for hints and allow space. Don’t over think the situation, just take it for what it is. Allow yourself to trade “roles”, so that you can see if you really like how this person treats you. It’s not the easiest thing, due to the pattern you’ve already created in your head but try. You can do it. Allow your counterpart to do what they would like to do, and if you are not okay with something they do, think on it. Wait a full day, before bringing it up to see how you truly feel about their action. Yes, they will be confused about why you are talking about yesterday, just explain to them what you’ve done. This part was especially difficult for me, but with time has gotten easier. I have a habit of getting mad easily, but I decided that not everything is worth fighting for and that sometimes you just have to acknowledge how you felt, not argue over it. Everything doesn’t have to be a fight, it’s unhealthy for both of you. Communication is everything (specifically how you deliver your message). If you are angry and harsh, the person will react defensively. Just talk to them, be kind (treat others how you would like to be treated). Soul search, find out what you like and don’t like about the relationship. Most important, recall all the times you were happy with them and hold on to those memories. Happiness is most important in all relationships and distancing yourself from the person will really allow you to see how happy you are without them. I hope you all learn from my challenge, feel free to write your results ┬áin the comments or email me.