I hardly ever talk about negativity on my blog because quite frankly it drains me. But I’ve been meaning to talk about how to deal with negativity in your life, and how to make the best out of every situation possible. There are always going to be people that don’t like you. It can be for various reasons, but it is unimportant. Others opinions of you are not important. People have various reasons and preconceived notions towards everyone they meet. It’s part of life. As long as you are working towards being the best person you can possibly be, then there should be no worries. You have to alter yourself and make yourself a better person. You should be doing something everyday to be a better you. You are not in competition with anyone but yourself, which is the biggest competition their is. Only because you truly know if you’re doing you’re best or not. Try your best at everything you do and see how much better life gets.  But you have to get over the negativity. The easiest thing when trying to remove negativity is just to remove yourself from the situation. I know that this is not always possible, especially in the work place. You can always try avoiding the negativity. You have to guard your positive energy. Staying positive and keeping to yourself is the best defense. People around you will not always be nice, but that does not mean you shouldn’t be. The same thing goes for respect. My motto is I will be respected, therefore I have to respect other people and their opinions. It’s just how the world works. But when something “bad” happens to you, stay positive. Everything in your life is happening for a reason, and you have to take every experience as a lesson. Do not fret when the going gets tough. Remember the beginning is always the hardest.


New Chances

Everything begins at some sort of end. It’s part of the circle of life. Everything must come to an end, which allows for a beginning to start. My advice is to release the need to control others. You cannot control any one besides yourself, and how you act. It’s unproductive to try to force something happen. Communication is very important in all relationships but you cannot make someone communicate with you. You just have to let them do what wish to do, because they will do it anyway. Take this as a chance to make peace with yourself. Everything is about to change. So just go with the flow and let life happen the way it is supposed to happen. Your life is full of lessons that you are going to learn, take every experience as a chance to learn. Reflect on what has happened in your life and make changes among yourself if you see them fit. Miracles do occur every day.


New Year, New Experiences

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time for you to make your New Year Resolutions and reflect on the past year. Take 2014 as a blessing and a lesson. This is a new year, a new chapter in your life. Allow change to happen. Things will change as time goes on so you need to accept all things you cannot control. Live in the moment. Each day is a chance to better yourself. Compare yourself to yourself. Meaning that you can only be as good as you can be, not anyone else. Everyone has struggles and challenges that they must go through to get their lessons. It’s important to just have fun with life. Surround yourself with positive people and healthy relationships. It’s time for a change, for the better. Take care of your body this year. Your body is extremely important because it’s not only vital for your survival but it’s the only body you get. Take care and love yourself and allow love to come to you. Forcing love is not the best idea. You are not able to control others emotions, so let it go. This is the biggest beginning of the year, the first day, your first chance to do better. Pay attention to your emotions this year and allow yourself to truly connect with your emotional self. Give in, treat yourself. You deserve to be loved in every way possible, and it starts with the moment that you start loving yourself the most. Stay happy, and change what you are able to change in order to keep that happiness. I recommend mediating. The calmness of breathing and focusing on yourself, it very soothing and can allow for better communication. This year, try to be the best communicator, friend, person that you can possibly be. Have a fabulous year. Stay positive. Live. Laugh. Love.



Education (and the Injustice in America)

I like to speak on issues that are heavily debated, because I like to listen to both sides. I for one speak little of what I do not know. I do not know much about the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, besides the little I’ve heard. But I like to do my own research, so currently all I really have to say about that is, that the officer could’ve prevented his death, if he was willing to. But he was not and eventually the officer will have to deal with his decisions. From what I’ve read I know that the officer was not an honest man, because his current wife he started dating while he was married and she was also married, but not to each other. Michael, nor Trayvon were NOT the first, nor the last African-Americans to be killed by racists men (one a cop and two a want to be cop). I titled this Education (and the Injustice) because I want to reiterate that you have to be educated. Truly you do. What sparked this was the novel, The Invisible Man by Ralph Emerson. It’s a book for my English class. For those of you that read the book, I’m at the part right after Ras the Exhorter, an African activist, talked to the narrator and Brother Clifton. I was angered by the narrators’ blindness. He did not see how ignorant he was for not believing Ras. Ras talked about how they needed to use their intelligence to fight the enemy, the government really. And this got me thinking, about how society isn’t right. Society has decided who lives, who dies and who has all of their “naturally given rights” and who doesn’t. The killing of a teenage boy for stealing is not right. No, I don’t think stealing is right, but tons of people do it, and they don’t get killed. Getting killed over stealing is not okay. Many people who do way worse crimes don’t get killed. There is more than one way for a police officer to “do his job” (which I believe that police are to enforce laws, but power has driven the system mad). It’s not okay for anyone, but I don’t believe that a Caucasian would’ve gotten killed for the same crime. See, the races in America are separate and unequal. It’s evident. They still segregate schools, they just call it “school districts” and you have to go to your school in your district. You can see it in the little things, how schools are kept up, and who gets the greatest text books. Don’t even get me started about how DPS (Detroit Public Schools) is the largest district in Michigan, but they were trying to have 40 kids in one class, with one teacher. There’s fraud in the system, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also not a properly funded system. They (society) still view African-American males as scary, especially teenagers. Being sixteen, almost seventeen and going to a primarily African-American public school (which we are number #128 in the country, so that proves that one not all African-Americans are ignorant) I know a lot of boys. Mind you, we have only had three graduating classes, and that we are not properly funded. But my principal does a great job of making sure we have everything we want and need (key word: fundraisers). But, back to the topic. None of the boys I know are as vicious as society paints them. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that one of my friends would harm me in anyway. In addition to all of this, there is unequal treatment in schools. I want to be a teacher, and eventually run a school. I want to do it because I feel like the future needs to be educated. You have to be able to make your own decisions. I want to educate those who might not be able to get the best education possible, those who society has marked as unequal and not worth educating. Everyone is worth educating. We are all worth it. Get educated. Make your own decisions. Keep up with the news. The only way to change the system is to be the system.