Rest, Water and Food

Those are the three most important things you need to stay physically healthy. Doctors say it’s good to drink half your body weight in water, rest 8 hours a day, and eat all the foods on the food plate (which is posted below). Your body needs these things to function properly. Recently, my sleeping pattern has been off, not to mention this past weekend I worked 14 hours. Last night I slept around 13 hours, and only woke up three times (the second time was at 1:30, and I ate a small dinner). I’m saying all of this to say, take care of your body. Sleep. Eat. Drink. I know that I normally only drink water, so I drink around 90 ounces a day (which makes up for juice and stuff). Also, mediate. Meditation is super important in order to stay grounded and stay positive. Yoga also helps with this. I find that for me, working out also helps me to balance myself. I love to excerise (yes it’s a little hard to get into, but it’s worth it). Make sure that you are at peace with yourself and your life and you will always stay healthy. Have a great day! 


Sexualization of Women

Women are people too. Society has decided that women are objects and are to be looked at as sexual objects (even though humans as a whole are sexual beings). The picture below my best friend sent me, as we were talking about how ridiculous this whole idea of women being objects is. It was after a bunch of girls at the program were sent upstairs to go change for having on shorts (mind you, all bottoms were covered). I was ranting about how it’s ridiculous because it was 90 degrees and I was being told to change because I wasn’t supposed to be a distraction or to attract males. I think the idea of women having to be covered is silly. Because it’s my body and I should be allowed to wear whatever I want. I’m seventeen years old and if you are sexualizing me you’re the problem. The root of the problem is the fact that males are taught to look and judge a woman based off of what she has on. Males are taught it’s okay to do things that aren’t okay. What needs to happen is an enlightenment of our thinking. There needs to be a change in how women are looked it (especially because we are the bearers of all life and extremely important). Women should be praised just as men are. There’s also the issues with how women are degraded and placed into gender roles (as well as men are). It’s unnecessary and quiet frankly stupid. I believe that people are who they are, and they shouldn’t be placed into these categories that degrade them. Acceptance is key to moving forward as a generation. Meaning that you have to step outside of your comfort zone to learn to appreciate and understand other ways of living. Stay open minded.



This is not my typical blog post, but I just saw the picture below and it sparked my interest. I saw it and I really started thinking about society and how everything works. Women in society have been degraded for generations, from the beginning of time. For goodness gracious, Eve is blamed for taking the temptation and “making” Adam do the same, in the Bible! Women are used as sexual objects and prizes for men, and it’s unacceptable. What I’ve never seemed to understand is how men degraded “their” woman. It’s mind boggling. Women are gifts, and should be treated as such. When I first read this, I started thinking about how true it is. And how men are viewed as “players” when they are able to maintain relations (sexual and non-sexual) with multiple women at one time, but if a women does the same she’s labelled as a whore. By definition a whore is a prostitute, someone who is selling their body for sex and is able to be male and female (people often forget that part too). The whole idea that one are objects not only reflects the bigotry of the patriarchical society. I’m saying all of this to say, that it’s time for a change. The change has been stimulating for a long time, but it’s finally time for an enlightenment, a second revolution (the first gave women rights). This second revolution will even the wages for women (don’t even get me started on that) and allow us to receive the respect we so rightfully deserve. Another thing about respect is that it shouldn’t be an option. I’ve never viewed it as an option, because I will be respected. In turn, I will respect you, as a person and your opinion (and I will respectfully voice mine). Women especially have to have self-respect, due to the society present today. Men have been indirectly taught by their fathers and other males that females don’t deserve respect and are objects. Women learn that they have to respect themselves to not be taken advantage of (funny right? Women are taught to act differently so that men treat them the way they should be treated). Women are taught that virginity means everything and to males it means nothing, and that you should lose it as fast as possible. The views that society has painted are not only crazy but unrealistic. But back to the picture, I like the picture because it not only makes you think but you can really understand how realistic it is. Everyone knows that guys brag about sex, so much so many young ladies are scared to lose their virginity due to fear of humiliation or being “exposed”. It’s just crazy to me, and then people react to it and say “well she shouldn’t have been doing that”. Maybe, but he doesn’t have been doing that either. So next time someone says a sexist remark like that, call them out on it. Fight the (wo)man who is holding you down! Also, one thing I hate is dress codes. I’m talking about not allowing women to wear shorts or tank tops because it’s “distracting”. I had this big argument on the last week of junior year with my art class because they were sending girls out for wearing crop tops! I was outraged because it’s so sexist. First off it’s their body, and they should be allowed to dress it however they please. Also, I am seventeen years old, and if you are sexualizing me YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. That’s what people don’t get, at school you should feel safe and comfortable, not afraid of being sexualized. I blame the parents and society. You should have been taught to respect, but it’s never too late to learn. Treat others the way you want to be treated! Stay respectful! 



If you allow your life to get over complicated, it can cause problems. The best solution is to just be yourself. One thing people often forget is that you must accept yourself in order to start being accepted by others. You are always your own worst critic. Sure sometimes people won’t agree with your beliefs or life styles choices it might cause slight conflict but removing yourself from the situation as much as possible always helps. For the past couple of weeks in my English class we’ve been discussing gender, gender roles and other stereotypes. We had a big discussion about gender roles and it was really nice. I liked it because I got to state my opinion and used experiences I’ve had to back up the injustice pertaining to women in society. As a feminist, civil rights and education advocate I have a few topics (injustice in America, feminism, and education), that can really just get me going and I could really talk for hours about it. So I really enjoyed the conversation. But back to what I was saying about being yourself. That’s one of the things that have come up in the last couple of weeks and just accepting everyone for who they are. My motto is do whatever you want as long as your clothes fit. I say that for a couple reasons, one because you’re more confident when your clothes fit to your liking and two your clothes should fit (now I do understand some people cannot afford to buy new clothes, but this is not what I’m referring to, I’m referring to purchasing wrong size of clothes). You were placed on this Earth with a path and a purpose. Everyone has their job and their life will go exactly as planned. Everything is in divine order and whenever you start to stress or worry just remember that. It’s all going to be okay in the end. Just be yourself and be honest. Honesty starts from within, you cannot successfully do anything with lying. Sure people lie all the time, but it doesn’t make it right. Honesty and communication are so important in every aspect of life. Start with improving yourself. If you want someone else to act a certain way, you act that way. You cannot expect anyone to do anything you are not willing to do. Improve yourself and see how much clearer life becomes. It’s all going to be just fine. 



It’s really important to be happy. I don’t think I can stress that enough. Stress can bring only negative things into your life, such as illness and hair loss. You want to bring positive things like healthiness, good communication, happiness and love into your life. But like I’ve said before you have to open your heart to get to that point. It’s not always “easy” to change your patterns but I truly believe it can be done. I’ve discussed the idea that people can change with my younger sister. My argument basically was that people can change if they want to. Experiences change people and can help mold them into the best version of themselves. I know that people can change because I’ve changed. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I put myself and my feelings first. Yes I still try to be considerate of others feelings but I put mine first. I just know that I will love myself the most out of everyone. One of my best friends sent me the picture attached (the one of Kanye West), with the caption “This is you”. It’s true. I know that I have to love myself because it’s the first step. It’s the first step to my journey in life. It’s everyone’s first step. You truly start living when you care about yourself the most. Because let’s all be real no one will care about you like you care about you. Ever. It’s not possible to replicate or compare how you care about yourself if you really do. You have to truly take care of yourself and love yourself so that eventually happiness will enter your life. Here’s my strategy: I only have good days. I might have a part of the day that’s bad, like I might have a rough morning, but I always have a good day. Each day is experience to be the best version of yourself possible. Every minute is. Every second. Do what you have to do today. Waiting until Monday to start something new isn’t going to help anything. Do it today. Do it now. Each day is a new beginning. Open your heart and see what the universe gives you. Love attracts love. Real attracts real. Keep that in mind