Live, Love, Laugh

Remember that it’s important to take every moment and understand that you are here to do something more than what you’re aware of. You need to understand that it is all in divine order. Sometimes you might not understand why something is happening the way it is happening but it’s to make you stronger orContinue reading “Live, Love, Laugh”


Now I’m no expert on relationships. But I think it’s important to share my opinion. Dating and being with someone is supposed to be more fun. Of course in every relationship you’ll have problems, but it’s important to use these experiences as chances to develop. You have to remember that every one ends up onContinue reading “Dating “


  READ THIS AFTER LOOKING AT THE PICTURE. In June, I did this piece for my last art project. I created it to show the minimal differences between a “normal” woman and a Muslim woman. They are the same woman. “Think” at the bottom is meant to challenge the viewer to realize that there areContinue reading “Islamophobia”


As you grow older and wiser, it’s natural to start losing friends. This is especially common in high school, due to the developmental changes that one goes through. But this is also an important time for everyone to understand that there is a divine process, along with lessons you need to learn and that itContinue reading “Strength”


One thing that is extremely important, is the ability to stay dedicated. Whether that be to school, work, your relationships, your hobbies, it’s important to be dedicated. As September continues on, it’s an important to time to this as a refresher, as your recharge before winter comes. Stay dedicated to yourself. Out of all peopleContinue reading “Dedication”