More Winter Hair Care Tips

The winter air can be so cruel to hair. Especially curly hair. This winter I’ve actually been wearing my hair curly, just about every other week. My hair gets really oily, so I end up just wetting and doing Bantu knots. I do the knots different than other YouTube videos I’ve seen, my mom created her own spin on how to do the knots, and I just follow that. But back to hair care tips. I use a mixture of oils, Vitamin E, Silk by Design Essentials (only one or two drops), Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and Herbal Complex by Design Essentials (this is actually a solid). I just get my oils from my local beauty supply store. This time, I added a couple drops of water. After I warmed it for about 30 seconds. I like the oil mixture because it allows my hair to be moisturized, and the silk and coconut oil penetrate the hair follicle so my hair doesn’t dry out. My hair loves the water and conditioner from the knots. NEVER SKIP A NIGHT. Never, it’s a bad idea. You should protect your hair every single night, especially if it’s curly. You don’t want to damage your hair by not babying your ends and edges. Find out where your problem spot it. Mine happens to be my crown. My crown is a different texture of curls, and it gets drier fast, so I know that I need to make sure I moisturize it. Lastly, just embrace your hair. Everyone’s hair is different so just love what you have. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates. Speaking of growth, I want to talk about the inversion method! I love it, it’s basically massage your scalp with your head down so your scalp gets more blood flow. You only need to do it for like three minutes, and there are tons of YouTube videos on it. What I did last night, was I did the inversion method for two minutes, and after I parted my hair (with a side part for the knots, you’ll see my hair now at the bottom) into two halves to begin with, and just massaged the oil mixture in (doing the left side first, and after completing all the knots on the left side, I oiled my right side and completed the knots). And after, I added oil to my scalp (like on the parts). I try also to drink a lot of water, so that my hair stays moisturized. I hope these tips help! Remember to love your hair!


Winter Hair Tips (again)

Hi loves! I just wanted to mention something that was brought up to me in my last hair care blog about winter hair tips. My blogs about hair are mainly (though never limited to) women with curly hair, when it is in it’s naturally curled state. For those of you who know me, you know that more often than not my hair is actually straightened (I go to a professional and get my hair done on a regular basis). Because of my hair type, I shouldn’t wash my hair more than one every week and a half or so (I have a mix of type 3c, 4a, and 4b hair when it’s curled),  so it’s easier to just get it done every two weeks (plus I don’t press my own hair, so if I wash it I leave it curly). I’m mentioning all of this to say that when my hair is straight I DO NOT oil my hair everyday. I may oil it once a week or so, and then wrap and protective style. Thank you Lauryn, for pointing that out, I greatly appreciate that. And for oil I go to my local Lee’s Beauty Supply Store (though Sally’s or Ulta will do) and get Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Olive Oil. I like the coconut oil the best because it’s supposed to help your ends stay moisturized. Sometimes I’ll mix the two and use little to none (again when my hair is straight) I only add one drop, if that. My straight hair absorbs oils easily. If I oiled my hair every day my hair would look stringy (and horrid). As far as oiling every day I only might do that when my hair is curly (mostly because I wear it curly in the summer when I do wash-and-gos or co-wash my hair). I still suggest you all drink a bunch of water and take some hair vitamins. The vitamins really help. I go to Trader Joe’s, a take one of their women’s hair and nails vitamins. I have my hair goal (which I’m so excited to share since I never post pictures of my hair), which is below. I’m currently trying to grow out my hair, it was in layers and some of those layers where shorter than others. It was cut the end of January to above my shoulders when it was straight. After tons of work on getting my hair healthy and happy, I’m just growing it out now.  I hope you all have your hair goals planned out and ready to go! Feel free to comment any hair topics you want me to address, I’d love to hear from you all! Stay fabulous!


Winter Hair

As the cold approaches, we all know that it can totally damage your hair. The air becomes more crisp, and if scarves and hats are not your hair’s friends. My suggestion is: oil, wrap and protective style. It’s currently what I’m trying now. I’m currently on a journey to grow out my hair (the progress is beautiful). I have been using a little (like a drop, rubbing it in my hands, wiping it on my towel and then applying) of coconut oil to the ends of my hair. I love coconut oil because it’s supposed to seal your ends. But the most effective non-oil I have is Silk by Design Essentials. It helps really with shedding. Winter months allow for a lot of shedding, due to lack of moisture (besides the shedding period your hair will naturally go through as new growth comes in). Don’t forget about drinking more water! Water helps to moisture your hair, and increasing your daily intake can really show results. I also have started to wrap my hair which helps. Wrapping spreads the oils among your scalp so it keeps your hair moisturized. Protective styling also helps because your ends are tucks. I love the styles with protective styling too. Wrapping, oiling and protective styling can really help grow your hair out if you do it right. Watch the amount of oil too, I use barely any because no one wants to walk around with super oily hair. Lengthen the time in between washes. It will allow your hair to keep the natural oils longer. I hope this helps! Feel free to comment your results!


I’ll be honest I’m currently struggling with my hair. I recently tried looser curls. Which basically ended up straight, so it’s straight now. I love straight hair on other people, but it’s just bland on me. I prefer my curls. I watched YouTube videos today on how to wrap your hair in a scarf (like a pashmina) and I did that. Then I was talking to one of my friends about it, and I really stopped and realized that I was hiding my hair. I went and took the scarf down, and ended up wearing my hair down with a side part and a small clip on my left side. I decided that I really need to show that I love my hair. I also sat and watched the I love my hair video from Sesame Street, which always makes me smile. Everyone should love their hair, no matter the length or texture (it still needs to be soft though). I share this story to say don’t hide yourself. Embrace your body. Love your body and your hair. The more and more you say you love your body and your hair, the more of a reality it will become. Think and say positive things, so you will get positive results. Stay beautiful.

“Fuzzy Wuzzy” Hair

Having natural hair is a movement, a lifestyle, a choice. It shouldn’t be seen as negative which it is when women are harassed about their hair. I do understand most of the “harassers” are genuinely curious. The individuals I’m talking about, say mean things about  your hair. Or maybe not your hair, but trust me they are saying something about someone’s hair. I ask you to be mindful of your words. Sometimes a simple “You look nice today” could make a someone’s day. No one enjoys negative comments. Like I’ve said before, do all things with kindness.  I have a link below that my mother sent me. I suggest you read all of the parts and take time to watch the video (it’s probably my favorite part). Be you. I LOVE MY HAIR!