Post Trim

It’s about time for another hair update! My last hair update and length check was in February. I didn’t want to do one every month, that just seems like it’s too much. So anyways I got my hair done yesterday, as usual, and I got a protein treatment in addition to my deep conditioning treatment (I get those every time I go), and a trim. This is my first trim since November if I’m not mistaken (my sister and I sat and tried to figure it out and we came up with November). I’m not really surprised I was able to wait that long without one because of how I baby my ends, with oil and conditioner (conditioner only when my hair is curly). I don’t use a lot of oil when my hair is straight, I use probably 1/4 or so of a dime. When my hair is straight it doesnt absorb all of the oil so a portion of it just ends up sitting on my head. When my hair is curly I use a lot more oil because it absorbs it better, plus curls just need more moisture. The oil I specifically use for my ends is Coconut Oil because it helps seal the ends to prevent breakage, which can cause split ends. Deep conditioning treatments also help. Especially on curly hair, after you finish you can feel how much softer it is. For mine (when I wash my hair), I add the conditioner (I use Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Restorative conditioner, not a special deep conditioner) and just put on a shower cap (I have a special one just for my curls) and leave it on until I’m done showering, and rinse it off. One tip I’ve learned is after you’ve washed your hair don’t add oils first, because they seal the hair up so you want to add oils last after you’ve added your leave- in etc (again I don’t use a leave-in I just use Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative conditioner). Happy styling!  



Importance of Detangling

I’ll admit it I’m lazy when it comes to doig my hair. Especially when to curly and its late at night and all I want to do is go curl up in bed. But sometimes I just don’t feel like Detangling I’ll all of my hair especially since I have mixed textures. I’d say I have a combination of 4A and 4B curls. I love the definition my curls have so I’m not complaining don’t get me wrong. It’s just that it hurts to detangle it. So I’m saying all of this to say my mother did my hair last night (Bantu knots) and she detangled it really nicely. My Bantu knot out turned out very nicely. So it’s very important to detangle because trust me my Bantu knot outs without it do not turn out cute at all. Also you don’t want to lose or rip out a lot of hair because of not detangling regularly. It’s not worth it. Happy styling! 

Length Check (finally)

So it’s about time for another hair update, mostly because I finally have a length check photo (it’s at the bottom, that was on February 3rd). After going to the dermatologist on Tuesday basically I was told I’m going to have to wash my hair in between appointments. So that means I’ll be curly more often (even though I was still just about curly every other week). This morning I washed my hair and braided it, so hopefully this braid out is successful. As far as oils I still use coconut and Castor Oil, along with Silk by Design Essentials. I made a mixture of about three Shea Moisture conditioners (Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner (the main one I used), Organic African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner, and Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Conditioner) along with coconut and castor oil. When I was braiding my hair it was super soft, which I liked. My suggestion for soft hair is to just experiment with oils and conditioners, because they are both really important. I also have a spray bottle full of water mixed with conditioner, just in case my curls get a little crazy. My biggest thing is really do something to your hair to protect it every night, even its just a pineapple. Don’t forget about protective styling! It’s super important. Happy styling!


Hair Update and More Tips

It’s been growing pretty good, and it should all be at the same length soon! Which excites me because bangs can take a while to grow out. As far as hair care I really just try to wrap my hair or roll it at night (or Bantu knot it if I’m natural). For the record straight hair normally lasts me about 9 or so days, without getting super oily (with my hair texture I only need to wash it once every two weeks). I really think the taking of vitamins (specifically the newest one I added, Vitamin B complex) has helped due to the biotin in them. I really think that the number one rule for hair care is to do something to your every night. It’s the most important thing. If you baby your ends they will remain whole, so you won’t have to get trims as often (last trim I had was in November). My hair seems to be getting thicker as time goes on, and is growing pretty nicely. If you have an questions about my hair growth journey feel free to ask! Remember to love your hair! It’s a part of you too

The Inversion Method and my hair update

Hi loves! I’m sure most of you are familiar with the inversion method. It’s a hair massage technique that involves you massaging your head with your head facing downwards for about 3 minutes. This is basically to get your blood to flow to your scalp and help growth. I’ve seen tons of YouTube videos on it, some girls use oil, some don’t. I don’t use oil, I normally just massage my scalp (gently) with my head facing down for anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes. Since I normally do it prior to going to bed, I then go about wrapping or rolling my hair (which is part of my nightly routine). As I’ve said before it’s important to have a nightly hair care routine, because your ends need to be babied.

And now for my hair update! In case you didn’t know (odds are you don’t know) I have eczema on my scalp, along with other areas on my skin. My eczema last year this time was much worse, and I ended up having to cut off a portion of my hair that was just dead. It was a great decision, and with the proper medical care (creams, shampoos and a bunch of doctor appointments) my hair started to grow back really nicely. But since one of my creams is oil based, it leaves my hair really oily. So lately after it starts getting oily, I ended up wetting it and doing Bantu knots on my hair. I don’t know if I’ve said this (I probably have) due to my hair type I only get my hair washed, blow dried and flat ironed by my hair stylist every two weeks. So since my appointments are every two weeks, after it gets oily (which is about a week after I get it done) I just Bantu knot it. My growth has been pretty good, and I’m pleased with it. Also the Bantu knots give it a nice style that I can manipulate very easily. I’ll post a hair length check picture once my curls fall. I’m doing a hair length check soon because natural hair is a two-way street. It either can completely damage your hair if you don’t know what you are doing or it can just be absolutely beautiful and your hair will grow really long. I suggest you try a variety of things and products to find out what really works with your hair. I hope that my hair tips in my other blogs help!