tip #6

Natural hair thrives the more water you drink! So make sure you’re drinking at least HALF of your body weight in water. It’s important because it’s going to allow your hair to stay moisturized (plus drinking water does wonders for your skin). Remember that chapped lips are a sign of dehydration and that your urine should be clear (that’s really the biggest sign of enough water). Stay hydrated!

tip #5

Trims are important! Make sure that you’re getting your hair trimmed as often as you need. A hair stylist will be able to let you know when you’re in need of a trim. You want to get them done as often as you need so that your hair will grow faster. The dead ends always need to be cut off! It might seem like the end of the world to get them cut off but trust me it is going to help your grow your curls out in the long run! 

tip #4

Deep conditioning is great for your hair, but in moderation. I try to deep condition once a month, normally after washing (same day as the oil treatment). I have a personal hard top drier, so I condition, add coconut oil, put a shower cap on and sit under the drier for 10-15 minutes. I know it’s a little lengthy, but it makes my curls feel really soft. Since I have eczema in my scalp, the shampoo I have to use is really drying, so I try to deep condition after I use that-so it ends up being once or twice a month. Deep conditioning helps you keep your hair hydrated which is really important especially for this time of year!