hair tips 

Hello! I realized that I don’t have enough hair tips to continue for the rest of the month. So once I get more tips I will let you know! Stay fabulous! 

tip #15

Your hair should always be smooth and laid down. Unless you’re rocking an Afro of course! But with ponytails, buns and other updos they last longer and look better neat. It’s easy to get a slicked up bun, or puff. Just spray your edges (front of your hair) and kitchen (back of your hair) with…

tip #14

Night time hair care is key to retaining moisture! You have to make sure that you’re protecting your hair at night. If your hair is natural you should try to braid it or twist it (it makes for a really full bun). Also if your hair is pressed, rolling or wrapping your hair is good…

tip #13

Styling, like I mentioned earlier is really important. A lot of popular protective styles include ponytails or buns. While these are great styles, make sure that you’re watching how you do them. Make sure you use a quality hair tie, compared to a rubber band. Also make sure you switch up where you place the…

tip #12

Oiling and deep conditioning will allow your hair to grow. But don’t forget about protein treatments! They should be done after shampooing and when you see the following “symptoms”. Lots of people homemake protein treatments- so look to YouTube for advice!       

tip #11

A variety of styles will allow your hair to grow in the best state. When you part your hair in the same place multiple times in a row (for a long period of time), a “permanent” part can form. So make sure you switch it up! 

tip #10

Choose styles that are protective and fit your face. That’s going to help your confidence as well as your hair. The more you like your hair the more you will keep it nice. Taking care of yourself and your hair is so important!