tip #15

Your hair should always be smooth and laid down. Unless you’re rocking an Afro of course! But with ponytails, buns and other updos they last longer and look better neat. It’s easy to get a slicked up bun, or puff. Just spray your edges (front of your hair) and kitchen (back of your hair) with water, add conditioner to those areas and use some gel (my favorite is Ecostyler gel). To lay my baby hairs down I just use a brush in the direction I want them to lay. Then I wrap my hair to get an extremely slicked down bun. Some days it’s easier than others, but it’s worth it. Keep your hair neat! 

tip #14

Night time hair care is key to retaining moisture! You have to make sure that you’re protecting your hair at night. This means you need a satin bonnet or pillow case. If your hair is natural you should try to braid it or twist it nightly or use the banding method (it makes for a really full bun). Also if your hair is pressed, rolling or wrapping your hair is good to keep your ends protected. Also castor oil and avocado oil really help!

tip #13

Styling, like I mentioned earlier is really important. A lot of popular protective styles include ponytails or buns. While these are great styles, make sure that you’re watching how you do them. Make sure you use a quality hair tie, compared to a rubber band. Also make sure you switch up where you place the pony, because excessive pulling in one area can lead to breakage. When doing buns make sure you don’t tease your hair too much-it is going to hurt your ends. But all in all make sure that you’re ALWAYS gentle with your hair! You don’t want to do these updos too often because it will take a toll on your edges! Let your hair down!