what is love? it’s an action and a tool for healing and social justice

if you would have asked me five years ago, i would have probably told you love is a feeling. you know love is there because you can feel it. if you asked me today, i would have a much longer, complex response. hence, this post. i want to start off with how i feel aboutContinue reading “what is love? it’s an action and a tool for healing and social justice”

tres meses

today marks three months, of “quarantine”. on march 12th, i was told i no longer needed to report at the site i was student teaching at, that classes would go online, and everything suddenly, quickly, swiftly changed. i opted to stay in georgia instead of going home. honestly, i didn’t have much of an option.Continue reading “tres meses”


cause and effect. “what goes around, comes around”. karma is the basic principle that every action has a reaction. especially when i was younger, i found a lot of peace knowing that the universe, would handle things for me. i still do. in yoga this week, the instructor was taking about being open. and howContinue reading “karma”

how to invest, pt. 2

investing is a lifestyle. investing takes time, intention and money. in my last blog post about investing, i talked about ways that we can invest within our professions. this means that you are dismantling systemic oppressive systems at your job. many people subscribe to the thought that the only way to change the system, isContinue reading “how to invest, pt. 2”

how do we recenter?

as a yoga teacher-in-training, i would have to tell you meditation. to take time with yourself and become one with the Universe. meditation refers to the practice of stillness of the body and the mind. this can be sitting quietly and focusing on the flame of a candle (and releasing stress) or just breathing. asContinue reading “how do we recenter?”