Love Mayah Yoga

Yoga helps you to recenter, so you can be more balanced off the mat. Book with me today. All classes will take place via Zoom. I offer group classes, thrice a week: MW yin 7 pm EST F breathwork and meditation 5 pm EST Privates: Rates: 1 person 2- 4 people 5 or more 30Continue reading “Love Mayah Yoga”

yoga and teaching

in almost every teaching environment i’ve been in, i’ve always had my students do yoga. i work with elementary schoolers. so why have them do yoga? well first, it’s a way for me to connect with my students. after any length of time and discussion, they know i love yoga and go often. by sharingContinue reading “yoga and teaching”

why i do yoga

yoga is physically and mentally challenging. there are times where i am in practice, thinking “*insert explicit word, this is hard”. yoga continues to teach me so many lessons, but the one i want to focus on is when to give has taught me when to give up or when to keep going byContinue reading “why i do yoga”

yoga: my journey

my yoga journey started at age 12. my mother has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. i always wanted to go with her so she enrolled my sister and i in a kids yoga class at the studio. the class wasn’t renewed. as a christmas gift in 2015, she got me a series classContinue reading “yoga: my journey”