the end of an era

when i first started this page, it was in 2014 and i was 16. i started it off with hair tips, as a new natural just trying to figure things out.

i am so grateful that i created this space for myself. my love of blogging really was due to the fact that it was like an online journal. through writing, i found my voice. i found out patterns in relationships i did not like. i found ones i did like. i found patterns within myself that i did not like. i found ones i did like.

i grew. i changed. i became a more authentic, more mayah version of myself. i grew up. i graduated high school. i went to college. i joined a sorority. i graduated. i moved across the country. i started grad school. a pandemic hit. i moved home. i got a dog. i moved back. i started a yoga business. and so much more. i loved and i lost and i grew all over again.

within the past few months, i started journaling on my own. it felt that it was more of what i needed at the time. i still believe that to be true.

it is with so much gratitude to tell you all that i will not be renewing my website this august.

as i continue to grow love mayah yoga, i have seen that a change is necessary to support my new level of growth. i will be starting a new site, based on my yoga business. i will blog some (i potentially will write about the connection between race, equity, and yoga as that is what my 300 HR YTT is on). i am currently working on the site and pray to have it running by next month (i realized i need new pictures LOL).

i pray that once i announce the site, that you feel moved to subscribe. that you feel moved to practice with me. but most of all, i pray that my words, my struggles, and my successes have helped you in some way. that you learned something that allowed you to connect deeper with yourself and others. that’s what i came here for.

when i first started grad school, my eldest cousin told me that I was doing the Lord’s work (teaching). i believe that that’s still true with my yoga business. this whole journey has felt divinely led. and i’m just grateful to have been a part of it.

may the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on.



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