redefining boundaries

i’ve been thinking a lot about what i need, in the space that i’m in. what would truly support me, how i can support myself, and how i can be supportive of others.

while i always go back to compassion (for i understand that the more compassionate i am to others, the more i learn how to cultivate it for myself, which pertuates this cycle of compassion for myself and others), i also think of boundaries.

boundaries communicate your needs. but first, you have to spend time thinking about what boundaries you need. i started setting boundaries with my school this year. i never really had done homeowrk on saturdays in undergrad, it was easy once i got into graduate school to work on saturdays. it started off with it being me wanting to “get ahead” (which, in an accelerated program, is difficult to maintain), but then i realized, it left me “school” mode.

so eventually saturdays, became my day. i don’t do homework on saturdays. and let me tell you- it works for me.

since moving home, i’ve been thinking a lot more about boundaries with school. while living in atlanta, i would do homework for hours, mostly as a discration. i dove deep in my school work, to learn more but to pacify a lot of pain. honestly, it’s hard living over 600 miles away from home during a pandemic. that’s why i made a different decision.

so today, i decided i didn’t want to spend all day doing homework. i gave myself two hours to get a task done. while i did take some breaks (which extended the two hours), i was *working* for about that amount of time. that way, i was able to get the other stuff i wanted to get done, my “mayah” stuff (lol).

it is my hope that as i continue having the opportunities to redefine boundaries, i am able to dive deep into what i really want. i am able to discover myself deeper than i have before. i am able to heal in more ways than i can imagine, and continue growing closer to God.


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