so where do we go from here?

studying racism, actively working to dismantle it, and listen to authentic experiences, are some of the few things i’ve seen as “tips” to solve issues.

i like to believe that right now our world is trying to heal, but in order to heal, you have to know what’s wrong.

what’s wrong with america, as well as pretty much the world, is that there is this idea that black people don’t matter.

that our presence is unnecessary and that our lives are disposable.

so as we protest and gather and try to come up with solutions, where do we go?

how do we heal?

  1. we make a plan- we research, we investigate and we figure out ways to support ourselves. your cup needs to be full to be able to support others. find ways to support yourself. yoga and therapy have helped me a lot.
  2. we invest- we find avenues to support others. what activist work is being done in your area? how can you get involved locally? how can invest in your community?
  3. we repost- we use social media and other forms of communication to get the word out. we share what we have learned with others.
  4. we recenter- our priority needs to be on the health of ourselves and our community. what is your profession doing to support this issue? service to the community is a commitment. how can you commit? is it volunteering? is it teaching so our youth are educated properly?

there is no time to waste. the time is now.

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