how do we repost?

well this one is pretty self explainatory- you screenshot, you retweet, you create content for reposting.

what should i be reposting? anything that helps the movement- information on current events, mistakes in information, resources and history.

try your best to ensure that information is accurate so that you are passing along good information. view material from a critical perspective- who is writing this, who is their audience, what’s the goal of this piece and what is it telling me? by using the 5 W’s and H (who, what, when, where, why and how), you can critically analyze any piece.

this amazing book is a great resource that discusses mindset shifts and how to create a life you want to live. her positive affirmations and mindset can be used to shift your mind to focus on what you can contribute to help the issue.

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i'm just a blogger who's on a never ending journey learning all i can about myself.

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