to be loved

i define love as an action to support oneself or others. and i love love. i love the idea of being loved by others and others being loved as well.

one of my favorite things is to see others being loved. i think that’s my favorite thing about social media, it that i can see snippets of how others express love. while there’s always more to the story, i am always inspired by expressions of love.

it’s overwhelming at times, because it gives me so much happiness to know that others feel loved.

it’s also a reminder to me- that the love i believe in and want exists. while i know that it does, because it exists within me, it’s a reminder that love exists within each of us and that’s what connects us.

so please, love out loud. love boldly. take the word love seriously. take the commitment you make when you say you love someone seriously. how are you committing to your own wellbeing? to others? how would others want you to show your commitment? how will you show your commitment to yourself?

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  1. eileentekyi says:

    I agree. to show love you must show them through your actions


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