everyone needs different support

so i was doing some reflecting on my healing process and how i healed. and how it was mostly individual and how i really didn’t feel supported by much of anyone, besides my mom and my two sisters. and i was thinking about why and how i try to support others.

and i realized its because i needed different things than other people may need. while i do believe with healing space is necessary, i do feel that i was not supported in that space.

but that’s because i had to learn to stand on my own, so i had to have the time alone.

and if i’m being honest, i still have a lot of alone time. and i am a little nervous about going back to school and living on my own. because i don’t really have anyone close to me. i don’t have a best friend.

but i’m learning to make my peace with that, and in this moment i am feeling a little sad about it.

but i have faith that all will be well. and that i just needed something different.

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