growing into myself

i’ve been spending time listening instead of just responding. learning to feel my emotions while critically analyzing them. but not to judge them, but to figure out why they’re happening and how to make myself feel better. growing has involved a lot of questioning but also compassion. i no longer feel a need to be upset with myself after being upset, but thank myself for getting it out and realizing how to manage things better. i’ve been reading about love and how you learn to love yourself by loving others. so i’ve looked at how patient i am with others and decided i deserve that same patience. i always take into consideration that others learning and growing, so that’s how i should view myself that way. how do i deserve to treat myself?

i was heartbroken and ended up closing off my heart. i couldn’t deal with the pain, so i distanced myself. but i am working to use love as a force to heal. to love myself unconditionally. and to use love as a force to change my lives and those of others.

my journey has not been about me loving others, but about me learning to love myself and teaching others how to love me and themselves. i have been assigned to this mountain to show others it can be moved.

and i’m here to say thank you to my mountain for challenging me and thank you to God for keeping me.

and to my current mountain, may you bring me more peace and love. teach me everything i need. please be gentle with me, because I’m healing but I’m ready for what you have in store.

and to my next mountain, I’m prepping for you. I’ll be ready for all your blessings.

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