committing to a relationship with yourself

According to my favorite author, bell hooks, self love cannot flourish in isolation. Self love is taking care of yourself and monitoring your interactions with others os they support your greatest and highest good. While sometimes you might need alone time, isolating yourself completely is not healthy. But what is is making time for you. I have committed to a lifestyle of loving and healing myself. I’ve decided to do so through yoga, meditation, contemplation and much needed alone time. I made excuses on why I couldn’t do certain things or that these things were not necessary, but they were. Yoga is necessary. Sleep is necessary. Healing is necessary. I have been really sad for about a month and a half. And to be honest, I’m ready to fully heal. While I know time allows for healing, you have to put in the work. And for me, that work is yoga. That work is saying no I cannot go to this. That work is taking care of me before anyone else and deciding where my limits are. Because I got this.


And you do too. happy healing.

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  1. danitamw says:

    I love it!! Thanks for the reminder.


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