why i keep cutting my hair

i got a deva cut in january and to be honest it was way shorter than i expected. i really loved it until i realized i had no idea how to manage hair that short. i worked through it, trying new styles and products and eventually figured out how to continue doing braid outs on my new cut. today, i went and got my hair straight for the first time since december and my stylist cut it, this time to help the shape. i realized i really love cutting my hair. and while it might be an act of liberating myself from my strict expectations from who i should be, it’s fun. shorter hair is cuter and more fun on me. it’s like i can be this person i truly want to be. and if i’m being honest, i can’t really see letting my hair growing out past my shoulders. also it’s a lot less time consuming so i’ve gotten to spend time doing things i really want to do, like meditating and doing yoga.

i hope you find your way to liberate yourself form your expectation and be authentically you. and short hair has helped me do that.


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