selecting when you are available

One thing I’m working on currently is only available for myself. I’ve realized after coming back to school, seeing friends, having my first Founders’ Day that I needed some down time to be alone. And I’ve realized for me that having spaces after social interaction to relax in my room and be to myself, is super helpful. Last night I had a goal that I would be in bed by 10, and I was. I didn’t go right to sleep, but I was relaxing and enjoying my personal space. I’ve decided that I want to be more conscious of dedicating hours (like two or so) to just enjoying my space alone. This is a different type of self-care. My normal type of self-care includes me doing yoga or relaxing, but at a yoga studio I’m not alone. Doing things alone have also helped me to. On Founders’ Day, a lot of the girls in my chapter wanted to go out and I decided to go. I ended up meeting them there and walked in to the party by myself. And when I was getting out the uber I was actually really nervous cause I was alone. And then I thought about how I had no issue going to the mall when I was alone in Quito. Or walking to yoga, even when it was a city I didn’t even know, in a different country. I think that’s because here there is this mindset that there are certain activities you should do with people. While I do not recommend partying in a club and not knowing anyone there (like I said I was meeting people), it made me think about doing things I want to do alone. And the thing is I do, and you should too. Going places alone teaches you to depend on yourself, watch your surroundings and forces you to be present. So take your time to be alone and get to know yourself a little bit better.



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