everything you need is within you

In my yoga class today, we discussed the importance of yin yoga. And my instructor was explaining that yin yoga, since it is a slower practice, forces you to go within yourself. Last year, I really found that yin helped me heal a lot, but I think it’s because I needed to start focusing on myself more. I needed to start to understand that the feeling of love and happiness that I desire is within myself. And that I have to be the one that loves me. I mentioned in another blog that I was transitioning out of a relationship that meant a lot to me. One of my fears about doing so, was that since this relationship was with someone who knew me so well, that if it didn’t work out, was anyone else going to love me? I recently have gotten to a point where I realized that I am enough. It is enough that I love me. Looking to others for so long has left me unhappy. But when I’m doing yoga, or sitting in silence, or meditating, that’s when I feel whole. I feel whole when I’m balanced, which only I can do for myself. Around this time last year, I had a life changing conversation with God; I was upset because I was struggling to maintain friendships. I was like why can’t I have any friends?! And His response was “To protect your energy”. After that I changed the way I view relationships. I am conscious of my energy, and beginning to really think of my presence as well. What I need is within myself, and in order to have things outside of myself I need to be balanced and stay within my own space. But this is where boundaries and things of that nature are important. I will be available for what I want to be. And if I don’t, then I won’t do it. I deserve to have my space respected and so do you. You are enough. Always remember that.

the universe

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