protective styles

protective styles help your hair grow because they help you retain moisture and reduce manipulation. the biggest question is: how do i choose the right one? for me, I started with braids because I knew braids worked for my hair. as a little girl, I wore braids all the time and it grew my hairContinue reading “protective styles”

hair types

There are a variety of different factors that affect how your hair works. Let’s look at the ones I have found most important. Density- your hair is either fine, combination or coarse. This is literally regarding the size your hairs. For me, my hair is coarse, meaning it’s very thick stranded. Density is not affectedContinue reading “hair types”

asking for time

One of the things I’ve learned recently is that asking for time is acceptable. That sometimes you just need some time. In my case, I asked the universe for some time. I need some time before I feel that I can commit to some of my full adult responsibility. I need the time to figureContinue reading “asking for time”


I debated on titling this blog post growing pains, because that’s the phrase that is most often associated with growing. But I have realized growing does not have to be difficult. Growing is often difficult because, we as humans, have decided that we know what’s best for us. We do not allow ourselves to experienceContinue reading “growing”