letting it all go

If you look at just about any of my blogs, one of the reoccurring themes is always letting go. For years, I’ve started to understand the importance of letting go and trusting that where I am is exactly where I’m supposed to be. Some things are easier to let go of than others. I’m learning that when you let things go, you often have a re-do. You can either try again or completely let it go. My advice would be to follow your heart. In your heart you know exactly what you need to do. So follow your heart. Letting go completely is a process, which varies in time. Be patient with yourself. Understand that releasing completely is important. You got this. You just have to understand that you need to let it go all of the way to actually get over it. Getting over things is a process. You go through stages where at times you’re more “over it” than others. I feel that way too. To be honest, sometimes I’m not all the way over the fact that all of my relationships have changed. Sometimes I’m not over the fact that I don’t have any close friends. Most of the time I am, but sometimes it’s like I realize my whole world is different. The most important thing is understanding that different is good. You’re constantly growing and changing, so everything must change as well. When you think of it in other terms it makes it easier. A three month old doesn’t act the same as a six month old, who doesn’t act the same as a nine month old. So why would you act the same you did three months ago? Remember that changing is good. To cope with letting go, I’ve turned to yoga. Yoga heals everything to be honest. With a combination of yoga and reiki  I’ve been working to let everything go!

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