friends and space

having space is something that has always been really important to me. growing up, i was always with my sister but we both had the space to be our own people. when i got to college, i struggled with maintaining my space. i was scared and alone, so i clung to others whom felt the same (to be frank it’s how all college freshman feel). Throughout this year, I’ve changed. I’ve grown more and more independent and have seen changes in the types of relationships I possess. I’ve realized that space is central for me. I need space to do my studying, meditation and yoga. I need  space to breathe and destress. I need my space. But I have realized that by having this space, my friendships have completely changed. I don’t have any really close friends. By this I mean- I don’t have anyone I share everything with (or vice versa). I have friendships, where it’s good conversation and hanging out, but it’s nothing close. This is something I struggled with a lot. I mean everyone wants friends. But I never wanted friends bad enough to sacrifice my space. So it’s distanced relationships and I’m overall fine with that. I’m writing this post partially to get out thoughts that have been on my mind, but in part to discuss something that quiet frankly is taboo. It’s fine to not have a best friend. It’s fine to not have someone to always hang out with. It’s fine to be alone. It’s healthy to be alone.

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