hello! i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted, but i wanted to make sure i do a special post for the new year. my new year started a week ago, when i turned 20 years old and i’m excited to see what 20 and 2018 will bring me. what i’ve noticed is that i wasn’t taking very good care of my spiritual self.  i wasn’t meditating or doing yoga like i should’ve been and overall i just felt like i was in a funk. i realized i never turn to reiki for help. it’s not purposeful, i think about it but i never ask my mom. so we were talking and the day after I asked her to do it for me. for those of you that do not know what reiki is, i can’t really explain it well but i’ll take you all through the process. we scheduled an appt for 3:15, in my room. she has her own massage table with a heated mattress pad. reiki basically is an energy shifting/clearing process. so she first does reiki on the room, before my appt. then i come in at my appt time. i lay on the table and she started her process. i always fall asleep (btw you’re fully clothed during reiki unlike a massage where you aren’t). afterwards, I felt so much better and have felt better since. I want to make sure that I continue scheduling appts with my mom. As my mom always says “try it, reiki can only help you”. Feel free to check out her blog here


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