i needed time

it’s been so long since i’ve posted. i think i just needed time. a lot has been going on emotionally and i’ve been going through a lot of changes. but it’s growth so it’s good. i’m learning to be happy within my space and where i am. i’m learning to trust God above all. i’m learning that everything happens for a reason. no matter what it may be, it all has a purpose. surround yourself with those whom genuinely love you. love that you can feel. love that you know exists. that’s the type of love you need. you deserve to be happy and to feel wanted and loved. in all of your relationships. you are valued and you are important. and only you get the opportunity to define that for yourself. you get to chose. so please choose love. it may be hard but it can also be so easy. choose happiness. put yourself first. sleep. eat well. drink water. love your body and your hair and your self. meditate. contemplate. stay inside sometimes and just take a moment to sit and breathe. you deserve to be present. you deserve your own love. so start acting like it.

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  1. mrgoodquote says:

    Take time 😉


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