things change

As you all know, I’m always advocating for living your best life, and making the best decisions for you. One part of that that we often forget about is the releasing of guilt. My yoga teacher yesterday talked about how we need to let go of any guilt we have, because it doesn’t serve us. When things change, you have to make different decisions. And some times, that means that you feel guilty when these decisions are made. It’s just part of putting yourself first. I’ve been doing a lot of things lately that have involved putting me first, and though I know it’s the right thing to do, I sometimes feel bad doing it. But I shouldn’t feel bad. I need to put myself first and so do you. Understand that guilt is a natural emotion and let it go. Everything changes and you don’t need to feel guilty for going with the flow. Just be happy that you’re growing. My roommate told me: change is uncomfortable but if you never change you’ll never grow and you don’t want to be 45 still acting 19. So embrace the change, it’s necessary for your growth.

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