my poem

I am currently taking an English class, which I need to be eligible to go to graduate school here at Michigan. We have to write some poems, and I wanted to share the first one I did with you all.


Love saved me

No sé como explicarlo

But He did


I can’t explain al principio,

El medio, or right now

But I feel it


You’ve taught me how to be me

How to be strong

You is kind, you is smart, you is important


So thank you Love, for making me me



Since I didn’t get to explain my poem to my class, I wanted to explain it to you all. The first stanza is about God and refers to being saved by Love. When I was little my mom used to wear this shirt that said got Love? with Love being another name for God. The second stanza is more personal, and basically describes someone who I know loves me. I can’t really explain it our story, but I know when I’m with him that I feel that he loves me. He’s the first person I’ve ever met that makes me actually feel like that. (not including like my family). The last stanza is about my mom and I included a line from the movie The Help, cause I loved that movie and the scene. The last line refers back to God, which is why the Love is capitalized.

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