it’s been too long

honestly, it’s been over two weeks since I last blogged. I’ve been home, working from around 9-5 every day at a summer camp three minutes away from my house. I’m in love with it. I get the opportunity to directly impact lives and I’ll talk a little bit more later about how I noticed that. But overall I’ve been good. I’ve been slacking on my meditations, yoga and self-care, mostly cause I think I’ve been so tired I just haven’t done it. But this weekend I have vowed to start taking care of myself more- I’ll do my meditations tonight and tomorrow and I went to yoga today for the first time all week. I’ve got to do better. I have to consciously put myself first and take care of me. So that is what I’m going to do. but first I’ll fill you all in on my life.

  • summer camp

So I’m loving the camp that I work at. Originally I interviewed for the job in February but because I was leaving they told me if I was interested I could call in August to see if there was work available. They called my house while I was in Ecuador to see about me working there, so I started the Tuesday after I got back. Two weeks ago I worked as a sub in the six year old room and last week I worked in the four year old room originally as a sub but now I’m the second teacher. I love the students. Working with such small children has made me realize a few things. I need to watch my behavior and be nicer with how I talk to people; if I don’t want them doing it I should be acting differently. Two, all interactions affect children. One of the students in my class I often have to talk to because to be honest she does not like to listen. So we spend a lot of time talking, which is mostly me arguing with her about listening and participating. But on Friday she was coming back from the other class screaming and crying- and she ran to me. And in that moment I knew I am actually making a difference. They know I love them. They know I care. and most importantly, they trust me. I’m impacting lives. and that feeling is priceless.

  • self care

I mentioned earlier that my self care has been slacking. My plans to improve that include putting myself first. I just have to do what I did during school- take at least an hour a day for myself. I have a lot of free time after work but I actually have to use it wisely. I’m going to start packing pretty soon and making sure that every day I’m doing something for me- whether that is mediation, doing yoga at home, going to yoga or just reading outside. But I have to do something to love myself. I listened to a podcast when I was flying home from Quito, called Sincerely, X by TED (the first episode is called Dr. Burnout) and basically what I got from the podcast was that to be able to effectively help others, you first have to take care of yourself. So that’s what I have to do.



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